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So you know networking is important, but how do you do it well? The linked materials below are filled with the practical direction on getting started and using networking well in many different venues.

How to Network Effectively -- A Guide to Getting Started (short article) pdf

Navigating Your Way through Networking Events (short article) pdf

Successful Speed Networking (short article) pdf

A Guide to Internet Networking (short article) pdf

Social Networking Dos and Don'ts for Professionals (short handout) pdf

How Private is Your Private Life? Facebook Settings for Job Seekers (short article) pdf

Using and Benefitting From LinkedIn (short article) pdf

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile - This short video from 5-Minute Life will show you why you need an online profile and how to create and use one.

Making the Most of a Career Fair -- A Checklist (short article) pdf

Informational Interviewing -- A Start-up Career Essential (short article) pdf

How to Write a Thank-you Letter (short article) pdf

Networking as a Lifestyle (short article) pdf

Networking from Scratch pdf - This handout from networking guru Don Asher contains useful tips for anyone, but is particularly geared to help younger students start building a professional network. Focus: identifying people who should be in your network, knowing what to tell contacts, understanding informational interviewing, getting past gatekeepers, knowing how to follow up with contacts without pestering them.

Making the Career Fair Count - Seven-minute video on tactics to use your time well at a career fair

A Service-oriented Approach to Networking - (handouts, audio, MP3) The true heart of networking lies not only in finding ways to advance your career, but also to serve others and help them succeed. This presentation will help you become a service-oriented networker that people will appreciate.

Other downloads on networking from the Center for Student Development

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