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Learn how these students and alumni have networked effectively and how networking has played an important role in their professional development.


School of Communication & the Arts – Jennifer Murray

CEO, Geneve Skye Philanthropic Entertainment

In networking, seek what's important to the other person, what's valuable to them—not being manipulative, but being sincerely interested in what you can do for them versus what you can take from them.

School of Communication & the Arts – Torriel Simon

BET Internship/Mentorship

Connect with the resources given to you when you come into the program—your advisor, your career services office. They will go out of their way to help you get where you want to go.

School of Divinity – Brian Weaver

Founder, Strategic Global Impact

Don't take relationships for granted while you are at Regent. Understand that God is using those relationships not only for your growth and spiritual formation, but also for dreams to be forged and for potential partnerships in ministry. Also, understand the power of synergy. When we come together, we can exponentially make a greater impact.

School of Education – Pat McCarty

Teacher/Career Switcher

Passion and enthusiasm sell every time. If you can convey to whomever you're talking to that you really want to be there, not just because you need a job, you will open doors for yourself. Have passion and enthusiasm for what it is you desire to do. It's infectious and contagious and opens all kinds of doors.

School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship – Lisa Renz

Executive Director, BNI - Southern Virginia

Networking is my life. It has made me a well-rounded person both professionally and personally. It's more than just about business success. The impact of helping someone else through networking impacts you in a way you never thought it could.

Robertson School of Government – Siobhan Halderson

Founder, Hotline Network

Don't stop just because you may feel rejected; keep going. Perseverance is key. Keep reaching out. Founder, Hotline Network

School of Law – Mykell Messman

Corporate Counsel, Liberty Tax Service, Virginia Beach

Always be prepared; always dress the part. If you are trying to stand out from all the other people in your field, you must always be prepared to meet your next employer. You never know when you are going to get the opportunity to make an impression.

School of Law – Andrew Page


Start early. Particularly in the law school, when you're first getting started it's hard to fit in more than study time. However, do everything you can to network early on, if not just to practice. Taking time early on to start opening channels of networking and developing your networking skills can make a huge difference in the long term.

School of Law – Chuck Slemp


(In networking,) you never know what might come—it could be a new friendship, a future employer or some information that would be helpful to your career. Never have an ordinary conversation or an ordinary day or an ordinary meeting with someone. Every time you encounter someone new, you never know if that will be your only meeting or if one day five years from now they will be signing your paycheck.

School of Psychology & Counseling – Robert Pennello

VB Psych Internship

First, get to know your cohorts ahead of you who are already completing their internships. Ask them questions about things you're interested in. This will help you narrow your choices so that you are more equipped to pursue the right leads. It will help you know where you want to go and what you want to do.

School of Undergraduate Studies – Benjamin Kay

Legal Internship

Be yourself; don't try to put up a façade—be genuine with people. Find someone who is great at what they do, and find someone who has already attained what you're hoping to attain. It's the little things that really take students far. Find someone you admire in your field and see where that takes you.

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