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Career Consultation

Career consultation is the process of exploring factors and resources that assist in career planning and/or development. Areas under consideration include your values, interests, and abilities. Consultants can incorporate information from the initial assessment, a variety of career assessments (e.g., MBTI, SII, VPI, SDS, and CAI), previous work history, goals/aspirations, and academic information in providing consultation services. Consultation sessions extend from one to three one-hour sessions, and they can be done in-person or by phone. Career consultation services are free. However, a nominal fee is assessed for all testing services.



Career Counseling

Career counseling is the process of engaging in career development from a more holistic and comprehensive perspective. In addition to incorporating data from your values, interests, and abilities, the therapist can use family-of-origin, personality, intelligence, and/or achievement data to assist in the planning process. Therapy allows for a broad exploration of psychological influences that impact the career decision-making process. The initial appointment for a career counseling session is one-and-a-half hours and costs $25. In addition to the clinical interview, a screening tool is given during this initial appointment. Subsequent sessions last for 50-60 minutes and cost $20. A nominal fee is assessed for all testing services.




The following resources are available to you at the Career Resource Center, whether you are seeking career consultation, career counseling, or both. Your career consultant and/or career counselor can facilitate your exploration in any (or all) of the following areas:

Understanding Me

  • Learning About My Values
  • Learning About My Personality
  • Career Personalization
  • Exploring My Strengths, Skills, Abilities

Tools for Career Exploration

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