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Online Assessments

The following links provide various assessments that will aid you in the career decision-making process. If you prefer this independent option, we wish you the best and offer our consulting services should you have any questions during or after that process. Feel free to contact us.

Before you begin browsing websites, we strongly recommend checking out some Career Assessment guidelines opens in a new browser window.

  • Career Assessment Comparison Chart opens in a new browser window
    Compares over 50 career assessments, providing a link to each test and descriptive information about the test's purpose and cost. Most assessments are free. Some require a minimal cost (typically ranging from $10 to $20).

    See the same list in rank-order based on their rated quality opens in a new browser window. We highly recommend the following: Campbell Interest and Skill Survey, Holland Self-Directed Search, Jackson Vocational Interest Survey, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, and Career Interest Inventory (with full report from

  •'s Career Assessments opens in a new browser window
    Most assessments are free and give you a basic interpretive report when you are finished. For a more detailed report, you may pay an additional fee. For other types of assessments (i.e. family, relationships), visit

  • Intraspec's Assessments opens in a new browser window
    Offers links to a wide variety of assessment measures, including online tests of personality, career interests, and IQ. Most of the tests are free.

  • opens in a new browser window
    This is a great website for assessing your strengths and positive attributes (i.e. gratitude, optimism, happiness, etc.). All assessments on this website are free. We highly recommend the VIA Signature Strengths Questionnaire.

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