General Information


Counseling services are available to all Regent students. In order to be eligible the student must be currently enrolled in at least one class and able to come to campus to receive services. During the summer and winter breaks, students may participate in counseling as long as they are registered for the following semester.


Counseling services are provided free of charge to all Regent students who are currently enrolled in at least one class.


All scheduling is completed using the University's Online Appointment Scheduler, which is available through the Student Portal. Instructions for using that system are available on the Schedule and Appointment section of our site.

Confidentiality and Client Records

Courts have long valued the importance of the counseling relationship being one of confidence. As such, information shared within the confines of a counseling relationship is confidential and cannot be shared without prior written approval from the client. However, there are some instances in which confidentiality must or can be broken. Those include the following:

  1. Abuse: the counselor is required by law to report any concern or suspicion related to the abuse of children, elderly, or disabled individuals.
  2. Safety: the counselor is required by law to intervene in any situation where there is concern that the client is a risk to him/herself or others. In situations where a third party is involved that person must also be notified. The counselor also reserves the right to report any concerns involving the safety or well‐being of the University in part or whole.
  3. Court Order: in very rare cases judges may order the release of information.
  4. Legal Proceedings: In the event that a client files a complaint or lawsuit against Counseling Services or Regent University, records are allowed to be used as part of their defense.

Counseling records are maintained for all students who participate in counseling. Files are not part of the academic record or transcript. All records are maintained for a period of five years following the student's departure from the University.