Let Regent Career Services help you with all aspects of your career, from choosing a major to negotiating a salary. You may choose to start on your own by accessing our online tools as you need them and also connecting with our team of career professionals who are eager to connect with you.

You can find local, national and international opportunities through Regent CareerLink new page. Check back often, and update your profile. Employers also post on-campus interviews and networking opportunities (information sessions, workshops etc.) in this system. You can automate your CareerLink Account using a customizable "search agent" to make the search process more efficient for you.

You can also view internship opportunities specifically for your major or find other internship resources in our Internship Zone.

Resumes are marketing tools to highlight your skills and abilities to a prospective employer, organization or graduate school. Your ultimate goal should be to hold the reader's attention long enough to showcase your unique gifting that will add value to the organization. The appearance and format of your resume, as well as the content, need to clearly convey your talents in line with the specific opportunity. Customize your resume to fit your skills and reach your audience.

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Interview Assistance

Most experts agree that interviewing is both an art and a science requiring much practice. While much of your interviewing style will stem from your personality, there are numerous facets of interviewing that, if done well, will help you generate a professional image. Regent Career Services offers several programs and resources through which you can increase your interview skills and learn about the dynamics of interviewing well.

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While there are many strategies for searching for a job, some methods may be more successful than others. To best increase your chances of obtaining a desirable position, pray, review the strategies listed and consult with staff to increase your job search options.

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The Career Services staff members are eager to provide advice to you as you consider attending graduate school. We have information on:

  • Programs of study across the nation
  • Application process guidelines
  • Admissions tests
  • The means to finance graduate school

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