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Career Fairs and Networking Events

Regent University Career Services offers many events to help alumni, students and hiring organizations to connect. We have a wide-variety of career fair options for Regent students and alumni to explore potential career paths and/or network and identify career opportunities.

Here is just an overview of the events that we host


Part-Time Job Fair (held in August)
Volunteers Fair (held in September)
Graduate and Professional School Fair (held in October)
Leaders with Heart Career Fair (held in February)
Government Career Fair (held in Fall)
Try It On Career Fair (a Career Exploration/Networking Event) (held in November)
Entrepreneur Networking (held in November)
Ministries Roundtable (held in semi-annually)

How to use LinkedIn
Social Media and the Job Search
Networking Best Practices

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Career Fair History

Regent hosts businesses all over the nation and international and domestic organizations are encouraged to participate in our events. Regent University students and alumni are invited to attend these unique networking opportunity and seek out possible internships or employment prospects within these respectable companies. In the past, an undergraduate business major, Alexander Watts, commented that "the companies that were featured had information on career opportunities for students who are close to finishing school and entering the workforce." Our students find our events a great occasion for meeting with local businesses and national companies to expand their career horizons. Plan to join us at our next event!


For more information contact:

Regent University Career Services
Student Center 235