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Academic Social Networking for Higher Ed

Today, there is no denying that we live in a social world. With sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn becoming commonplace, more social networks like Goolge+, Pinterest and Socialspring emerge at a rapid pace. As an instructor, how do you work with these tools? How do you meet your students’ needs and desires for social interaction? How can you use Twitter to demonstrate social learning?

Even though many students use social networks to interact with their friends, you can actually use these tools in your courses to help them learn more effectively. Whether it is for a particular project or you want a way to interact with your students throughout the term, we can work with you to develop a strategy that works best for you. Contact us for a consultation at


Social Networking Tools within Blackboard

Watch this video to see how the Blackboard's social learning tools enable you to connect, communicate, and collaborate with a global learning network of Blackboard Learn users.


Organize Your Research

Do you need to organize information that’s always accessible? Forget bookmarks that are integrated with your browser, let us show you how you can connect with your peers and save time by using tools such as, Quora and Evernote.

Below are social networking sites you might want to check out. To learn more about using these items or to have us review a specific tool for you, please contact us at

Social Networking Sites