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The following Latino-related websites were submitted by staff and students. Click on their names and see which are some of their favorite websites. Then go ahead and send us your favorite Latino-related sites that we can add to the list.

Dr. Marcela Chaván Matviuk is the Director of the Center for Latino Leadership at Regent University. She ecommends the following websites:


Andrea Reyes Ramirez is a Freelance Writer and also a PhD Student in Organizational Leadership at Regent University's School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship. She recommends the following websites:

  • Buckner Ministries International -- Dr. Albert Reyes is the President of this organization and is a Hispanic leader who also has a wonderful blog that shares about the ministry that Buckner is doing across the world. The blog is Pan Dulce. One of Dr. Reyes' recent posts was about Andrea's baby girl who is now seven weeks old. That blog post can be found at Family Blessings..Blessing Families.  
  • Fabian Ramirez -- Andrea's husband, Fabian Ramirez, is a Hispanic Youth Speaker. During his school visits he shares with students how to have a bully-free zone and pursue education by overcoming obstacles.  
  • Rdestino -- This is a site created by Hispanic Baptist leaders in Texas. It carries inspirational stories about education, ministry, and life as a bicultural person.
  • Texas Hope 2010 -- Talks about a Hispanic Education Initiative for Texas Baptists.  


Sandra Smith, International Programming Director at CBN, recommends the following to those interested in knowing more about the US Latino market: top

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