A Window to the Middle East

The Intersection of Information Literacy and Global Competency

Prepared by Dean Sara Baron, Regent Library

The purpose of this document is to highlight the intersection of global competency and information literacy for students, faculty, staff, and all lifelong learners in the Regent Community. For more information, please visit the University Library website or speak with your favorite librarian!

Global Competency Defined: Global competency is a set of abilities requiring that Regent graduates demonstrate global awareness, ethical commitments to individual and social responsibility, and intercultural competency. It involves SEEing with a global perspective, CONNECTing and engaging with different cultures, being a Christ-like LEADer in global contexts, and LEARNing about other peoples and cultures through critical thinking and information literacy skills.

Information Literacy Defined: Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information." There are five standards that further define information literacy, described in the following table with global competency examples.

Chart showing the Intersection of Information Literacy and Global Competency