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QEP Roundtable

QEP RU Global RoundtableOn February 26, 2009, CTL in coordination with Academic Affairs and GLE hosted "Regent's Global Mission and the QEP: How Now Shall We Teach and Learn." To view the roundtable in its entirety, please click here. Below, you can view short segments of the roundtable discussion.

Osula Dr. Bramwell Osula
"It's not enough to do, you have to be."
The iceberg analogy
Bekker Dr. Corné Bekker
"Becoming like Christ"
"Thinking people and doing people"
"How do we dwell in this global world?"
"What drives global competence for us as Regent?"
Ayee Dr. Emmanuel Ayee
"Our adjuncts need to be helped."
Arroyo Dr. Alan Arroyo:
"Closing the Global Achievement Gap"
Bocarnea Dr. Mihai Bocarnea
Global competence: "Knowing self and knowing others"
Global competence is not relativism
Informing students of the global perspective
How do you become globally effective?
Cabanda Dr. Emilyn Cabanda
"The essence of intercultural education is empathy."
The role of Christ's disciple
Respecting diversity and understanding similarities
Gandolfi Dr. Franco Gandolfi
"The identity is in Christ"
"Global competence is a process"
Gomez Dr. Doris Gomez
"Christ died for everybody."
"Humility first"
Gyertson Dr. David Gyertson
Global Competence: "part of our belief system from the very foundation"
Global Competence: "Christo-centric and Biblically anchored"
Learning from other cultures
Reaffirming & reinforcing Regent's Christo-centric and biblio-centric commitments
Researching beyond American scholarship
The three-legged stool of CBN's evangelistic outreach
Munley Dr. Almarie Munley
Transformation through cultural exchanges
Sara Baron

Sara Baron
Information Literacy

Quicke Dr. Andrew Quicke
"Total immersion"


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