4th Annual Regent Global Roundtable

The fourth annual Regent Global Roundtable was held February 9, 2012 and featured speakers Pastor Mosa Sono, Dr. Bramwell Osula, and Funmi Akinyele. You will find selected clips available for viewing. If you would like to see the Roundtable in its entirety, please scroll down the page.

Video Clips

Dr. Carlos Campo

Dr. Carlos Campo
Regent's Mission Statement
Introduction of Pastor Mosa Sono

Pastor Mosa Sono

Pastor Mosa Sono
Growing Up Under Apartheid
The Call of God on My Life
Soweto Uprising & Desmond Tutu
Africa Finding Leadership within Itself
Purpose & Appreciation
Forgiveness & the Leadership Project


Dr. Bramwell Osula
African Leadership
No Magic, Only Hard Work
Main Challenge for Africa
Looking Outside the West
African Democracy & the Role of the Church


Dr. Corné Bekker
The Continent of Africa & Nelson Mandela
Lord, Bless Africa

Funmi Akinyele

Funmi Akinyele
Celebrating Wangari Maathai
The Image of Africa as a Dark Continent
Purpose & Appreciation

Julianne Cenac

Julianne Cenac
Regent University's Presence in Africa

Sergio Matviuk

Sergio Matviuk
Africa & Regent's Global Strategy

Roundtable Video Archive

MUSIC VIDEO - Johnny Clegg (With Nelson Mandela) - Asimbonanga