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Tuition Payment Options

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Cash or Check

Cash or check (drawn on a US bank) payments are accepted in person at the Business Office. Please note that credit card payments for tuition are not accepted in the Business Office or over the phone.

Checks or money orders can also be mailed to the following address:

   Regent University Business Office

   1000 Regent University Drive, ADM 134

   Virginia Beach, VA 23464

(Please include your Student ID Number with your payment.)


Please note: A returned check fee of $30.00 will be assessed for all payments returned from the bank to the university for any reason, including entering incorrect account and routing numbers for an electronic payment. If a payment is not honored by your financial institution and returned to the university, you will be notified by the Business Office in writing. The full amount of the original payment plus the $30 fee is due within 5 days of notification of the returned item. A Business Office hold will be placed on your student account until your account is current.


Online Payments

For a quick and secure method of payment, students can pay their account balance online through two options available through their Genisys accounts: 

  • "Pay by Check" - allows for an ACH payment from your checking or Savings account. There is no fee to use the online check payment option.WARNING: Credit Card Convenience Checks cannot be used to make check payments via Genisys. Convenience checks are not recognized by automated banking systems.
  • "Pay by Credit Card" - Visa, MC, Amex and Discover are accepted with a 2.75% convenience fee charged on the transaction. For more information on the change in credit card processing please see the FAQ on the Business Office website. If you are using a debit card you should choose the "Pay by Check" option in Genisys to avoid paying the 2.75% fee on the transaction.


To access the student payment portal from the Genisys Main Menu, select the following links:

  • Click on the "Tuition and Student Fees Payment" tab
  • Make a Payment
  • Term and press Submit

Bank Wire

To request wire transfer information for international payments, please email



Tuition Installment Plan (TIP)

The Tuition Installment Plan is an interest-free payment plan designed to assist students in budgeting tuition and housing costs on a monthly basis per semester.  Students can enroll in TIP through Genisys.  Go to Student Services & Financial Aid and click on Student Records followed by Tuition & Fees Installment Plan Enrollment.


Third Party Payments

A third party payer is any individual or organization, other than the student, that pays on a student account. There are many types of third party payers; some of the most common are employers, college savings plans or prepaid college plans, disability/rehabilitative serves, and military assistance.

Military Tuition Assistance is a type of Third Party Payment. Please specifically visit the Military Tuition Assistance page for instructions on utilizing this benefit.

Employer Reimbursement Deferment Plan (ERD)

The Employer Reimbursement Deferment Plan financing option is for those student or potential students whose employer offers corporate tuition assistance, but the payment to the employee (student) is deferred until 30 days after the class is completed and satisfactory grades are submitted to the employer. The employer pays the student directly for tuition/fees, while the student is then responsible for making tuition/fees payments to Regent University 30 days after the term ends. The Employer Reimbursement Deferment Plan is available for the following schools:

Please click on your school for instructions on how to enroll in this plan. If your school does not participate in the ERD plan, the Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) is available to all students as a payment option in Genisys.

Third Party Payment Plan

The Third Party Payment Plan financing option requires the employer/third party to pay Regent University directly for classes during the course, specifying if funds are for tuition and/or fees. With this option, an employer/third party agrees to pay within 30 days of being invoiced, which may be approximately one week after the add/drop deadline of the semester.

Students are responsible to submit all documentation of Third Party Payment Authorizations to the Business Office by the payment deadline of each semester.


1. Submit your Third Party Authorization Form to the Business Office:


Fax: (757) 352-4342

This document should be on employer/third party letterhead, authorizing Regent University to bill for tuition/fees. The document must include Student's First and Last Name, Student ID/SSN/DOB or some other type of identifying information, Amount Authorized, and instructions on where to furnish the invoice.


Typically, college savings plans or prepaid college plans send a roster of students to the Business Office, and no action is required on behalf of the student. Please verify this with your specific college savings plan provider.

2. The Business Office posts a credit on your Student Account.

Before the payment deadline at the start of the semester, the Business Office will post a projected credit (3rd Party Payment Plan) on your student account to match the amount to be covered by the third party payment.

3. We submit an invoice to the third party.

After the add/drop period, the Business Office will send an invoice to the third party for the amount authorized on your Third Party Authorization form.

4. Third Party processes invoice and releases funds.

The third party will process our invoice and will release funds for your tuition/fees to Regent.

Once Regent University received the funds for your tuition from the third party, this payment will replace the credit from the 3rd Party Payment Plan.

Military Resources

The Central Financial Aid Office is available to answer questions regarding the Financial Aid Resources for military students. 

If you are receiving Military Tuition Assistance, please review the Military Tuition Assistance section of our website for instructions.

If you are a veteran receiving VA benefits, please review the Veterans Benefit section of our website.