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Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Information Systems

Online Associate's Degree Overview

On-Campus Degree Available

Graduates from our online learning program with the online Associate of Arts in Information Systems degree can function in a supportive role in an entry-level position. The associate of arts is intended to offer a foundational level of learning in the discipline, enabling the student to sample various important topics. The A.A. degree is not intended to qualify a student fully for work in the field; the student is invited to pursue the Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Technology for depth of learning.

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Students enrolled in this distance learning degree will earn a foundational knowledge of computing, business and mathematics appropriate to the discipline and within the context of a biblical worldview. They will be able to analyze a problem and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution, leading to the delivery and management of information systems within a specific application environment. Students will also earn a foundational understanding of biblical worldview, professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities and contribute to society by modeling ethical, responsible and Christianly behavior. They will be able to communicate effectively, in oral and written forms, with a range of audiences and function effectively on teams, assuming a variety of roles in teams of diverse membership to accomplish a common goal.

This degree is also available to students enrolling in information technology classes at our university campus in Virginia Beach, Va.