LL.M. in American Legal Studies Requirements

ProfessorThe applicant should investigate the eligibility requirements of the desired state of bar licensure to determine whether the applicant’s specific academic credentials, coupled with Regent’s LL.M. degree, will allow him or her to sit for the bar exam in that particular state.

  • Applicants must have a "J.D. equivalent" degree; they must show that their degree qualifies them to practice law in their home country or that they are eligible for licensure.
  • Regarding eligibility Regent University School of Law is not able to certify J.D. equivalency. Applicants wishing to obtain credential evaluation should solicit the services of a recognized agency such as www.wes.org.
  • Applicants whose transcripts are not in English must subscribe to the services of a recognized credential evaluation agency such as www.wes.org.
  • TOEFL - Applicants should submit at minimum one of the following scores on the TOEFL exam: 600 (paper-based), 250 (computer-based) or 100 (internet-based); or
  • IELTS/PTE - You may also submit the following scores in lieu of the TOEFL: 7 (internet-based) on the IELTS exam, or 68 (internet-based) on the PTE Academic exam.
  • LL.M. students must complete 24 credit hours, and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, to receive the degree.