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Part-Time/Day or Evening J.D.


With Regent Law’s part-time J.D. program, students have the option of taking courses during the day or evenings. In fact, part-time students can complete their entire J.D. program by taking evening classes.  Students will usually be able to put together an all-morning, all-afternoon, or all-evening schedule.

The part-time program is an attractive option for professionals who wish to remain employed while earning their J.D. Part-time students take the same courses as full-time students, from the same law professors, but because part-time students can take fewer hours each semester than full-time students, they have increased flexibility to select courses that fit within their personal and professional time frames. Part-time students will generally be able to earn their J.D. in four to five calendar years.

Part-time students must enroll in a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester and must complete the same 90-credit hour curriculum requirements for full-time students.  Admissions criteria and application process for the part-time program are the same as for the full-time program.

The part-time program is offered "in-residence" only on the Virginia Beach campus. Part-time students should plan to live within a reasonable driving distance to campus. Commuting significant distance on a daily basis is strongly discouraged. 

First-Year Schedule

Fall Semester (10-12 credit hours); Spring Semester (9-12 credit hours)

Please see required courses for additional course sequence information.


"The part-time law program at Regent provides an unmatched opportunity for professional individuals who seek to broaden their horizons or change their life's direction. The program is rigorous and requires a tremendous level of personal commitment on the part of the law student. I have found this part-time law program among the most challenging endeavors that I have ever undertaken, but it is also among the most rewarding." 
- Dan Tanner, Attorney and Partner, Prass, LLP. Former Commander, United States Navy.