Meet Our Graduates and Students

Michael Baylous

Michael Baylous - Protecting and Serving
Serving for 19 years as a West Virginia State Trooper, First Sergeant Michael Baylous credits his philosophy of law enforcement to an episode of old sitcom The Andy Griffith Show. Read more.

Hannah Bell

Hannah Bell: Equipping Young Leaders
Hannah Bell was 8 years old when she first stood in Robertson Hall on Regent University's campus during a visit with her parents. That's when God told her she would be back one day. Little did she know it would be to attend the Robertson School of Government, and it would put her on a path to inspire generations of other young leaders. Read more.

Keelyn Geoghean

Keelyn Geoghean - Responding to the Call
"911 - What is your emergency?" For five years, this was the call Keelyn Geoghean answered hundreds of times as a professional Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). As a first responder, she dealt with accidents and other life-threatening situations. While providing immediate care to patients as an EMT can be stressful, she says, "I truly enjoyed working as an EMT; I was challenged in many ways." Read more.

Javkhlantugs Ganbaatar

Javkhlantugs Ganbaatar - From Virginia Beach to Mongolia
In 2008, a continent away from Virginia Beach, Javkhlantugs Ganbaatar ('10) was inspired by Regent University and the motto: "Christian Leadership to Change the World." Today, Ganbaatar is back in his native Mongolia aspiring to live out this motto as an advisor of external affairs for the largest mining company in Mongolia. Read more.

Nathan Gill

Nathan Gill - Future Professor of Government
Slated to graduate in May with a M.A. in Government, Nathan Gill plans to continue his educational journey by earning his Ph.D. — aspiring one day to become a professor of history and political thought. "God has used my time here are Regent to broaden my concept of what Christian higher education can and should be," says Gill. Read more.

Gabrielle Jackson

Gabrielle Jackson '12 California Senate Fellow, RSG Graduate and World Traveler
She moves fast and with vision: California native and recent RSG graduate Gabrielle Jackson has landed in the nation's capital working for The Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics (IFWE). She completed her M.A. in Government in December 2012, taking most of her coursework online. Read more.

Theresa Judge

Theresa Judge - Participating in The PhD Project
"The PhD Project, an award-winning program designed to create diversity in corporate management, recently invited Regent University Robertson School of Government student Theresa Judge, to participate in their annual conference.
Read more.

Larry Mayes

Larry Mayes: Making A Difference
"I am so glad Regent is not afraid to engage with other viewpoints. It is a place where people are willing to debate their position honestly and without fear. Those were the debates happening in the mainstream market place." Read more.

Chad McQueen

Chad McQueen: Serving His Country and Christ
"I have recently been inspired by former Attorney General John Ashcroft and former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Vern Clark. Seeing their faith and love for Jesus continues to encourage me every day as a leader." Read more.

Miguel Moreno

Miguel Moreno: Leading Around the World
"I thank Regent for giving me a high standard of education to compete with the best professionals from around the world and excel in what I am doing." Read more.

Jennifer Salcido

Jennifer Salcido - From Regent to the Middle East
"Writing to RSG from Iraq, Jennifer Salcido ('12) observes, "RSG provided valuable internship experiences - from working for a Congressman to work in Iraq with the Kurdish government - that provided me with important knowledge and skills. Each experience provided excellent advice from my supervisors." Read more.

Judi Johnson Vankevich

Judi Johnson Vankevich - The Manners Lady
How does a successful fashion model with political aspirations become known as "The Manners Lady"? Just ask Judi Johnston Vankevich ('87 Government). But, when you ask, be prepared for her to do more than just tell you; she just might break into song. Read more.