The Certificate in Public Administration

On-Campus and Online Course Overview

Students will learn to recognize the enormous importance of principled, knowledgeable management at the highest levels of state and local governance, where everyday lives are immediately and intimately affected. This area of study provides both academic preparation and practical training to equip students for successful careers in government and to enhance the careers of current professionals.

Potential future positions related to this certificate are:

  • Budget/Finance Director
  • City Council Member
  • Executive Director, Nonprofit Organization
  • City Manager
  • Economic Development Director
  • Human Resource Management Director
  • Federal Executive Department Assistant

Complete four (4) of the following courses:

GOV 602 Principles of Economics 3 Description
GOV 615 Economic Policy 3 Description
GOV 630 Public Human Resource Management 3 Description
GOV 634 Public Budgeting and Taxation Policy 3 Description
GOV 670 Principles of Public Administration 3 Description
GOV 671 Organizational Theory 3 Description
GOV 693 Managing Not-for-Profit & Faith-Based Organizations 3 Description
GOV 694 Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations Fundraising Development 3 Description
GOV 696 Special Topics in Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations Management 3 Description