Student Affairs Program - Required Courses

Required during first semester

  • EDUC 500 Online Orientation - 0 credits
  • UNIV LIB Information, Research, and Resources - 0 credits

First Year - Fall

  • EADM 515 Research Design - 3 credits
  • EHEA 504 Student Services Administration - 3 credits

First Year - Spring

  • EHEA 501 The College and the Student - 3 credits
  • EHEA 502 Higher Education Finance: Strategy, Cost and Value - 3 credits

First Year - Summer

  • EHEA 602 Role and Mission of the Christian College & University - 3 credits
  • EHEA 503 The Law & Governance of Higher Education - 3 credits

Second Year - Fall

  • EDCO 501 Strategic Planning & Program Evaluation - 3 credits
  • EFND 523 History & Contemporary Issues of American Higher Education -3 credits

Second Year - Spring

  • EHEA 509 Leadership and Organizations - 3 credits
  • EHEA 603 Essential Student Counseling & Support Skills - 3 credits

Second Year - Summer

  • EHEA 595 Professional Field Experience - 6 credits

Total: 36 credits

Student Affairs Program - Course Descriptions

EADM 515 Research Design (3) Conceptual understanding of how to utilize research findings. Examines research-based principles of effective measurement, evaluation, and assessment strategies. Focuses on library skills, professional literature utilization and test evaluation-based decision-making.

EDCO 501/801 Strategic Planning & Program Evaluation (3) Examine strategic planning and the role of program evaluation in the planning-implementation-evaluation cycle to include the curriculum planning process. Topics include various theoretical and philosophical perspectives and alternative evaluation designs and related methodologies, including collaborative action research and issues related to design, measurement and utilization. Become an active collaborator in the evaluation process and gain the tools to judge the value of the evaluation. Offers important leadership preparation for designing an internal evaluation of a local program, contracting for an external evaluation at the district level or critically reviewing an evaluation report as a basis for making an administrative decision. Prepare an evaluation assessment related to a self-selected educational program in the area of concentration. EDCO 501 is offered concurrently with EDCO 801.

EDUC 500 Online Orientation (0) Required during the first semester of enrollment in some programs; acclimates students to Blackboard, the platform off which online classes are launched.

EFND 523/723 History & Contemporary Issues of American Higher Education (3) Overview of American higher education from the colonial period to the present. Form a foundational understanding of higher education and the origins of contemporary practices and problems within the academy. Investigate diverse institutions such as land grant colleges, historically black colleges and universities, research institutions, liberal arts colleges, religious colleges and universities and access to higher education. Examine and discuss early innovators of higher education and their policies. EFND 523 is offered concurrently with EFND 723.

EHEA 501 The College and the Student (3) An examination of issues relevant to college students. Topics may include intellectual growth, moral development, values, career choice, psychosocial changes, and the role of extracurricular activities.

EHEA 502/802 Higher Education Finance: Strategy, Costs & Value (3) Examine the: 1) important particulars of higher education finance from administrative, consumer and societal perspectives; 2) cost of higher education from the consumer’s point of view in order to understand why and how people pay the price they do; 3) governmental, private and institutional aid and their affects upon admissions and retention of students; 4) fund accounting, sources of expenditures and sources of revenue; and 5) value and societal benefits of a college education in order to ascertain whether a college education is a good value. EHEA 502 is offered concurrently with EHEA 802.

EHEA 503/803 The Law & Governance of Higher Education (3) Provides historical and contemporary legal issues that have, and will continue to shape colleges and universities today. Discusses legal issues regarding the college and trustees, administrators and staff. Investigates the legal basis of higher education in the United States to include constitutional provisions and federal statues that influence higher education policy. Prepares emergent administrators for preventative law measures in an increasing litigious environment. EHEA 503 is offered concurrently with EHEA 803.

EHEA 504 Student Services Administration (3) An examination of the historical underpinnings of student affairs, the numerous departments under student affairs, the administrative interaction between student affairs and other university departments, and administrative theory relevant to the student affairs administrator.

EHEA 509 Leadership and Organizations (3) A critical examination of the major theoretical perspectives and issues in leadership and organizations, focusing on application to the Christian college and university. Explores issues of "publicness" and "privateness" in organizations, emotions, power, control, legitimacy, diffusion, identity, and their impact on the behavior of individuals in Christian higher education.

EHEA 595 Professional Field Experience (6) This six-credit hour internship experience is intended to be the "capstone" of the Student Affairs program. The internship takes place in an approved educational setting (On Campus or Distance) under the supervision of the internship coordinator (university faculty) and a qualified site supervisor. A minimum of 150 hours of work and participation in an online internship seminar are required. This on-site training provides students with the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and develop an understanding of the relationship between theory and practice. The internship also provides an opportunity to develop and refine professional and personal competencies and attitudes important to effective student affairs professionals. Pre-Requisite: Permission of Instructor.

EHEA 602 Role and Mission of the Christian College & University (3) Centers on the need for the continuance of Christian colleges and universities in a post-Christian culture. Particular emphasis will be placed on the strategies, objectives and goals that can best insure the future continuance of the spiritual mission and Orthodox beliefs of Christian colleges and Universities. Crosslisted with EHEA 702.

EHEA 603 Essential Student Affairs Counseling & Support Skills (3) Development of foundational knowledge, perspectives, and skills essential to successful student affairs work in a higher education setting. Theoretical approaches, practical examples, and ethical considerations of helping techniques will be examined and applied. Fundamental aspects of confidential counseling, academic advising, and career development will be explored.

UNIV LIB Information Research & Resources (0) Non-credit, free of charge. Teaches basic competencies in the use of computer and related information technology research and resources, including use of the library. Enroll in the course in the first semester. Required of graduation. Pass/Fail.