Career Switcher Program

The Career Switcher Program leads to middle or high school (grades 6-12) teacher certification in the state of Virginia upon the successful completion of all program requirements. Prior to beginning the program, applicants must submit passing scores for Praxis II and the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA).

Endorsement Areas:

  • Business and Information Technology
  • Career & Technical Education*
  • Computer Science
  • Dance (PreK-12)
  • English*
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Foreign Languages (PreK-12)*
  • Health and Physical Education (PreK-12)*
  • History and Social Science*
  • Marketing Education
  • Mathematics*
  • Middle Education* (6-8)
    • English*
    • Math*
    • Science*
    • History and Social Sciences*
  • Music (PreK-12)
  • Science - Biology
  • Science - Chemistry
  • Science - Earth science
  • Science – Physics
  • Theatre Arts (PreK-12)
  • Visual Arts (PreK-12)

All endorsements are for grades 6-12 unless otherwise indicated.

* Indicates critical shortage areas for 2016-17 as defined by VDOE.

Steps to Licensure


Level I preparation includes a minimum of 180 clock hours of instruction, plus field experience. After completing Level I preparation, candidates are awarded a one-year Career Switcher Provisional License and are expected to obtain employment in a Virginia public or accredited non-public school. For Career Switcher Provisional License requirements, visit the Virginia Department of Education.


Level II preparation is taken during first year of teaching and consists of two courses and a mentorship—trained mentors are assigned to assist candidates throughout their first year of employment.


One year in a full-time, paid teaching position at a public or accredited non-public school. Online courses and the mentorship take place during this time.