Ph.D. Program (Ed Psychology/Special Ed Concentration)

Completion of program:

Admission to the doctoral program does not guarantee the earning of an Ph.D. Graduation is contingent upon the following:

  • Successful completion of coursework (with at least a 3.0 GPA)
  • Residency requirements and Candidacy Examinations
  • The recommendation of the student's doctoral committee
  • Approval by the doctoral faculty committee
  • Compliance with all applicable requirements of Regent University

A minimum of 72 credit hours is required beyond the master's degree to complete the Ph.D. It is, however, the demonstration of independent scholarly ability at the doctoral level, rather than the mere accumulation of credits, that is required to successfully complete the program. Doctoral courses may only be taken by students who have applied and have been accepted into the doctoral program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does it take to complete the program? The program may be completed in a minimum of three years. This minimum is for those who meet all required deadlines in regard to coursework, candidacy requirements and dissertation defense.
  • What is the average time for completion? The average time for completion is three to four years.
  • What is the maximum time to complete the program? Maximum time to complete the program is seven years.
  • Are all students required to complete a culminating experience? All students are required to complete a culminating experience.
  • When is the CAGS awarded? A Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) is earned when 30 credits of doctorate-level coursework is completed.
  • Must I continuously maintain my enrollment in the program? Doctoral students must maintain continuous enrollment in the program during all academic years (i.e., three semesters each calendar year).