Dale M. Coulter

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  • D.Phil., University of Oxford
  • M.Div., Reformed Theological Seminary
  • B.A., Lee University

Courses Taught

  • Church History and Renewal 1
  • Church History and Renewal 2
  • Cur Deus Homo
  • Early Christian Spirituality
  • Reformation Thought
  • Nature and Grace in the Twelfth Century
  • Medieval Theology
  • Twelfth-Century Renewal

Research Interests

I would welcome working with doctoral students in these and related areas:

  • Richard of St. Victor, Abbey of St. Victor
  • Notions of Grace, Freedom, and the Moral Life in the 12th Century
  • Theological developments of the 12th Century
  • Use of Models in Theological Discourse
  • Theological Models Articulating the Relationship Between Jesus and Salvation
  • Tracing out Theological Continuities and Discontinuities Between Pentecostalism and Other Traditions