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Markus Pfeiffer, D.Min.

Markus Pfeiffer, Doctor Min.

Head of Masters of Arts in Journalism



Phone: 757-352-4492

Dr. Markus Pfeiffer teaches both journalism and digital media communication at Regent University. He is specialized in Internet technologies and their integration into the field of journalism and strategic communication. Pfeiffer is also the owner and president of a successful Internet communication and Web development company, which serves national and international clients. This allows him to introduce industry leading practices into his teaching and research areas.

Dr. Pfeiffer joined Regent in 1998 as the university's first webmaster. In 2003, he became the director of new media technologies for the School of Communication & the Arts and two years later a full-time faculty member. His research includes how post-modernism, Web 2.0 technologies and social media applications influence popular culture, education and also challenge ministries and churches. He is a popular seminar speaker on these topics. At Regent, he teaches courses on web development, digital media communication, photography and online marketing.

Academic Philosophy

Pfeiffer's vision is to equip students with practical digital and multimedia skills, that are crucial in today's technology empowered work places. These hands-on skills complement academic learning and shape students into balanced and well trained, highly marketable individuals with entrepreneurial potential.

In Pfeiffer's understanding all students have a God given calling. He sees his contribution to this calling as an awesome privilege and as a part of his own destiny.


Doctor Min. Regent University, 2003
Master. TS. Oblate School, 1987
B.A. IBC, 1985
State Diploma, Gewerbe Schule Sursee, 1980

Fields of Expertise

  • Internet Technologies
  • Mobile Applications
  • Journalism and Digital Media (Strategic Communication)
  • Influence of Social Media Networks on Popular Culture, Business, Education and Churches/Ministries

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