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The School of Communication & the Arts' summer study program in Oxford, England gives you the opportunity to join professors Dr. Ben Fraser and Dr. Bill Brown for a unique one-week, study tour retracing the life and work of C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest contemporary authors of the Christian faith.


William Brown, Ph.D.

Chair of the Strategic Communication & Journalism Department
Chair of the Doctoral Program in Communication
Professor and Research Fellow

Dr. William Brown is a professor and research fellow in the Department of Strategic Communication & Journalism, as well as the chair of the department and of the doctoral program in communication. In addition to his tenure at Regent University, Dr. Brown has taught communication courses at the University of Southern California, the University of Hawaii and the University of the Nations. He also served as the dean of the School of Communication & the Arts of Regent from 1992 to 2002.

Benson Fraser, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Dr. Benson Fraser is an associate professor in the Department of Strategic Communication & Journalism at Regent University specializing in qualitative research and ethnography, indirect communication, and media and celebrity influence. He has conducted professional research nationally and internationally for more than 15 years. At Regent, he served as strategic communication & journalism chair for two years and as the director of the Center for the Study of Faith and Culture for more than ten years. He currently teaches courses on qualitative research, communication and theology, and advanced communication theory.


The origin of English-speaking universities can be traced to one place: Oxford, England. What better place exists to study the life and works of a literary legend like C.S. Lewis? Throughout our trip, we will visit the pivotal places of Lewis' life, such as The Kilns, Addison's walk and Magdalen College.


The required application deadline is February 7, 2014. [see all important dates] Limited space available. Contact the Oxford Program Manager at for complete details.

Important Undergraduate Information

Undergraduates who apply to the C.S. Lewis Oxford Study Abroad course and would like to earn credits would need to follow the established CAS policy governing the taking of graduate credits. Note that there are requirements regarding GPA and class status that may affect who can participate, and there is a very specific procedure that undergraduates need to follow to enroll. The credits undergraduates would receive could either fulfill their general education requirements or be used as elective credits. Please open link for complete details on the undergraduate policy governing CAS students taking Regent graduate courses.

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