Online Learning

The School of Communication & the Arts welcomes students to take online classes. The following are the degree programs now available with online options.

Degree Department Concentration Class Model
M.A. Communication Strategic Communication & Journalism Strategic Communication Cohort Model1
M.A. Film & Television Film & Television Script Writing  
MFA Film & Television Film & Television Script & Screenwriting  
M.A. Theatre Theatre Theatre  
M.A. Journalism Strategic Communication & Journalism   Cohort Model1
Ph.D. Communication Strategic Communication & Journalism   Summer Residency2

1Cohort Model: All students are enrolled in similar courses in a group-style program.
2Summer Residency required.

With an online learning option, students can opt to complete an entire degree online or choose to take some classes online and some on campus. Learn more about the online class format and see if it is right for you.

Online degree programs and their respective class requirements are the same as for on-campus programs and follow the Academics and Admission requirements set forth by the School of Communication & the Arts. In addition, online degree students are eligible for financial aid and other financial resources noted in Admissions.

Once enrolled as an online student, refer to the Student's web page for resources and services.

Note: Online learning students, are not automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance. If you wish to have student health insurance, you must contact the Business Office.

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