Certificate of Graduate Studies
Major: Theatre Practices

On-Campus Degree Overview:

The Certificate of Graduate Studies in Theatre Practices exists to educate the master artist in the practical implications of theatre art, producing well-rounded artists equipped for godly influence through theatrical mediums. Students pursuing this Christian theatre graduate certificate program will focus their attention on the theories of Christian aesthetics through a series of practitioner-oriented disciplines including acting, directing, dramaturgy and design. Students who complete the certificate program and who desire to continue their studies may apply the credits to Regent University's theatre graduate degree program. If accepted into the M.A. in Theatre degree, an additional 15 credit hours of coursework is required to complete the master's degree. The maximum time permitted to complete the certificate program is five years. There is a mandatory on-campus residency to complete this certificate.

Required Courses:

UNIV LIB Information Research (non-credit, fee based, online) (0) In this exploding age of information, it is the objective of the library faculty to prepare graduates to be on the cutting edge of information technology. Information literacy is the ability to effectively access information for problem solving and decision-making; thus, the knowledge and abilities you glean from this course will open doors to lifelong learning. It is imperative for graduate study research. Since the information learned in this course is a vital foundation for all other coursework, its completion is required within the first semester of study. The course takes approximately ten hours to complete.

THE 627 Makeup for the Stage & Screen (3) Opportunity to gain expertise in designing and applying a variety of makeup techniques including: corrective, fantasy, animal, special effects, old age and will culminate in the introduction of latex prosthetic pieces. Student will be required to purchase a personal makeup kit.

THE 632 Theories & Concepts in Acting (3) An in-depth examination of a variety of theories and techniques of dramatic stage acting. Emphasis placed on Constantin Stanislavski's system and the application of his theories and principles in exercises and performance presentations. This course may be taken for doctoral credit with approval.

THE 633 Theories & Concepts in Directing* (3) An in-depth examination of a variety of theories and techniques for directing live performances for the stage. Emphasis placed on various principles, techniques, and approaches to directing dramatically effective presentations. The student will participate in classroom exercise work designed to prepare the student to apply what they learn in various types of performance presentations. Emphasis placed on script analysis, principles of staging, and collaborating with actors. Doctoral credit with approval.

THE 725 Theatrical Design Process 1* (3) Provides an intellectual analysis as well as practical and emotional perspective of the process of creating a scenic, costume, lighting or audio design. Emphasis is placed on script analysis, research methods, implementation and evaluation. Students investigate the impact of resources on the creation of a work of art.

THE 726 Theatrical Design Process 2* (3) Explores in depth the tools and techniques utilized by theatrical designers to bring their work to the stage. Students produce designs for creating scenery, costuming and lighting for a production.

*Residency Courses

Students wanting to receive the CGS in Theatre Practices must complete and submit the CGS Graduation Application.

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