Online Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL):
Global Consulting Concentration

Designed to equip Regent University students with a solid foundation of consulting principles and practice, the Global Consulting concentration focuses on building character and key cross-cultural interpersonal consulting skills and competencies, preparing students to assist significant international organizations through strategic interventions and guidance — and eventually plan and build a successful consulting practice.

Global Consulting Concentration-Specific Outcomes

As a Doctor of Strategic Leadership student enrolled in the Global Consulting concentration, you will:

  • Conduct a doctoral-level examination of consulting principles and practice in a global context.
  • Assess the critical role played by the consultant as an applied leadership practitioner and solutions provider.
  • Develop the interpersonal consulting skills necessary to succeed in internal and external consulting situations.
  • Develop competencies in cultural awareness that enhance sensitivity to organizational change.
  • Articulate a personal code of ethics and practice with regard to a consulting enterprise.
  • Complete an assessment of an organization's readiness to accept and utilize input from an external consulting agent.
  • Prepare an issues-based consulting report.
  • Establish a values-based consulting business and brand.

Conducted online, Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) students in Global Consulting use the autonomous learning model that requires DSL students to learn independently, but not alone. Regent University students in the doctoral degree program will be engaged in a transformational process employing intellectual and spiritual truths that redefine one's comprehension of leadership and enhance one's impact in the workplace.

Regent University
Alumni Spotlight

Christian Graduate School of Business Graduate

Kevin Beery, DSL '08
Vice President of Academic Affairs — University of Valley Forge

"I came away from the program with an increased confidence in my ability to lead an organization and the skills needed to do it."