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Regent University School of Law’s Center for Advocacy has trained teams that won more than 60 championships, best oralist and best brief awards.

Regent School of Law — Awards & Honors

Regent University School of Law’s Center for Advocacy trains students in the legal skills of negotiation, trial advocacy, and appellate advocacy, developing competition teams that are among the top teams in the nation. To date, these Regent teams have won more than 60 national and regional championships, best brief, and best oralist awards.


2016 Charleston Moot Court Competition:
1st Place | best oralist

Regent Law team members Glenn Reynolds ’16, Courtney Marasigan ’17, and Alexandra McPhee ’17 – coached by LAW assistant professor Tessa Dysart – won the Charleston Moot Court Competition. Reynolds earned the title “best oralist” for the final round of the competition.

2016 Robert R. Merhige, Jr. National Environmental Negotiation Competition:
2nd Place

Regent Law’s moot court team of Jessica Rigsbee ’17 and Chelsea Harkins ’17 finished second-place overall at the Robert R. Merhige, Jr. National Environmental Negotiation Competition at the University of Richmond. The team was coached by LAW professor Eric DeGroff.

2016 J. Gibbons Moot Court Competition:
Quarterfinalists | best oralist | 2nd-best oralist

At the J. Gibbons Moot Court Competition at Seton Hall Law in Newark, New Jersey, Regent’s moot court team achieved the title of “quarterfinalists.” Kathleen Knudsen ’16, Renee Knudsen ’16, and Andrew Butler ’16 were coached by LAW professor James Duane. R. Knudsen earned the title of “best oralist”; Butler took home the “second-best oralist” honor.

2016 Andrews Kurth Moot Court National Championship:
2nd Place | Best Brief

Each January, the top 16 Moot Court programs in the United States are invited to participate in the annual Andrews Kurth Moot Court National Championship at the University of Houston. Regent was selected to participate after being ranked 8th in the nation by the University of Houston Law Center at the conclusion of the 2015 competition season. During the competition January 28-29, students Renee Knudsen, Palmer Horst, and Marie Dienhart defended their way to second-place in the nation, just behind Georgetown as they competed with teams from schools such as Southern Methodist University, New York University and Texas Tech University. The Regent team also took home the award for best brief.

2016 Price Media Law Moot Court competition:
Americas Regional champions | best brief | best oral advocate

The Regent Law Team of Christy Hurst, Palmer Hurst and Sandra Alcaide won first place at Regional Rounds in the Americas of the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition in New York City. The team won the best brief, and Alcaide earned the marks for best oral advocate. This is the second year in a row that a team from Regent has swept the competition. They will advance to the international championship rounds of the competition at Oxford University March 30-April 2nd, the same competition where Regent’s team placed second in the world in 2013.

Regent Law Ranked in the Top 10 For Best Moot Court Program 2015

Regent University’s School of Law was ranked in the top 10 for Best Moot Court Program in the Andrews Kurth Moot Court National Championship rankings by the University of Houston Law Center. Regent was ranked 8th among 202 American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law schools in the United States, placing above schools such as Harvard School of Law, Yale School of Law and New York University School of Law.

2015 George Washington University National Religious Freedom Moot Court Competition:
2nd Place | Semi-Finalist | Best Oralist

Regent University School of Law teams are continuing their victorious arguing streaks at various competitions in the United States. Earlier in February, two Regent Law Moot Court teams competed at the George Washington School of Law Religious Freedom Moot Court competition. Out of the 28 teams competing, both of Regent’s School of Law teams continued to the semi-final rounds. Paul Shakeshaft ’15 was awarded the title of Best Oralist throughout the competition.

2015 Price Media International Moot Court Programme:
Americas Region Champions | International Best Brief |  Regional Best Brief | Regional Best Oralist

On Saturday, Feb. 1, 2015, third-year Regent Law student Jessica Krentz ’15, along with her teammates Lindsey Brower ’15 and Carly Havens ’15 took home first prize in the regional round of the Price International Moot Court Competition Americas Regional in New York City.


2014 Billings, Exum & Frye National Moot Court Competition:
Semi-Finalist | Best Brief

On March 28-29, 2014, Regent students competed in the fourth annual Billings, Exum & Frye National Moot Court Competition at Elon University. The team, consisting of Regent law students Tiffany Bennett, Chelsea Schlittenhart and Jaclyn Walliser, advanced in the rounds from 25 participating teams and into the semifinal round. During the competition, Bennett, Schlittenhart and Walliser also won the Best Brief Award for Petitions’ Brief. The team lost by one point during the semifinal rounds to the winning team from Southwestern Law School.

2014 George Washington National Religious Freedom Moot Court Competition:
2nd Place | Best Oralist

While exhibiting excellence in the classroom throughout their three years of law school is important to the legal profession, another vital component of training to become a lawyer is writing, researching and defending an argument. Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014, Regent Law assistant professor Tessa Dysart led her team of 3L students, Drew Cziok, Chelsea Schlittenhart and Andrew Stevener through the 2014 National Religious Freedom Moot Court Competition. The team finished in second place overall in the competition hosted by George Washington University, in Washington, D.C.


2013 University of Oxford Media Law Competition:
2nd Place

2012 ABA Alternative Dispute Resolution Competition:
Regional Champions

2012 National Moot Court Competition (NMCC):
Regional Champions

2012 National Moot Court Competition:
Top 8 | Second Best Brief

2012 ABA National Negotiation Competition:

2011 Billings, Exum, and Frye National Moot Court Competition:
2ND Place | Best Brief Honors

2011 William B. Spong, Jr. Moot Court Invitational Tournament:
Best Oralist

2011 William B. Spong, Jr. Moot Court Invitational Tournament:
3RD PLACE Place Honors

2010 NBLSA International Negotiation Competition Champions

2010 Texas Young Lawyers Association Regional Champions


2009 William B. Spong, Jr. Moot Court Invitational Tournament Champions

2009  Merhige National Environmental Negotiation Competition

2008 ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition:
Regional Champions

2007 ABA National Negotiation Championship


ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition 
2015 Regional Champions | National Octo-Finalist | 5th Best National Brief | 3rd Best Regional Brief
2014 Regional Semifinalists
2013 Regional Finalists | Semifinalist | 2nd Best Oralist | 4th & 5th Best Brief
2012 Best Oralist
2011 Regional Finalists | Semifinalists | 5th & 8th Best Oralist
2009 Regional Finalists
2008 National Quarter Finalist | Regional Champions (two teams advanced to National Championship rounds) | Best Brief | 2nd Best Brief | 3rd Best Oralist
2007 Finalists | Best Oralist | 5th Best Brief2006 National Champions | Best Brief | 5th Best Brief | National Quarter Finalist | Regional Champions (2 teams advanced to National Championship rounds) | 6th & 8th Best Oralists | 3rd & 4th Best Briefs | Charleston Region | 2nd, 3rd, & 7th Best Oralist, Charleston Region
2005 Regional Semifinalists
2004 Regional Champions | 4th & 9th Best Oralist
2003 Regional Semifinalists (2 teams)2002 Regional Champions | National Semifinalists | Best Brief (Nationals) | 5th Best Oralist (Nationals) | 3rd & 4th Best Oralists | 2nd Best Brief | Southeast Region
2001 Regional Finalists (2 teams) | Best Brief
2000 Regional Champions | 2nd & 6th Best Oralists | Regional Finalist | Best Brief
1999 Regional Champions | Best Oralist | 2nd Best Oralist
1998 Regional Finalist
1997 Regional Champions
1996 Regional Champions

New York Bar Association National Moot Court Competition
2014–15 Regional Quarterfinalist | Second Best Regional Brief
2013–14 National Octofinalists | Regional Finalists | Best Regional Brief
2012–13 Regional Champions | Best Regional Brief | 2nd Best National Brief
2011–12 National Quarter Finalists | 2nd Best National Brief | Regional Finalists | 2nd Best Regional Brief

Price Media Law Moot Court Programme
2015 International Quarterfinalist | International Best Brief | International 2nd & 10th Best Oralists | Americas Region Champions | Regional Best Brief | Regional Final Round Best Oralist
2013 International 2nd Place Team |  Americas Region 2nd Place Team

George Washington University Religious Freedom Moot Court Competition
2015 2nd Place | Semifinalist (two teams) | Best Oralist
2014 2nd Place | Best Oralist

Touro Law Center National Moot Court Competition in Law & Religion
2015 Champions
2014 Second Place Team | 1st & 2nd Best Oralists | 2nd Best Brief

Cardozo/BMI Moot Court Competition
2005 Semifinalists

Federal Bar Association Thurgood Marshall Memorial Moot Court Competition
2006 3rd Runner-Up | 3rd Best Oralist
2003 Champions | 3rd Best Brief
2002 4th Place
2001 3rd Place | Best Brief
1999 2nd Place | Best Brief

J. Braxton Craven Moot Court Competition
2012 Quarterfinalists | Best Oralist
2007 Champions

Burton D. Wechsler First Amendment Moot Court Competition 
2013 Semifinalists | Best Oralist2007 Champions | 3rd Best Oralist | 5th Best Brief
1994 Finalist

Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition 
2006 Best | 2nd Best Oralist
2005 3rd Place

John J. Gibbons Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition
2006 2nd Place | Best & 2nd Best Oralists
2005 2nd Best Oralist

Andrews Kurth Moot Court National Championship, University of Houston Law Center
2009 Best Oralist | Second Place

William B. Spong, Jr. Memorial Moot Court 
2015 Semifinalists
2014 Quarterfinalists
2012 Quarterfinalists | 5th Place
2011 3rd Place | Best Oralist
2009 Champions
2008 Champions | Best Brief
2003 Champions
2002 Quarterfinalists | 3rd & 4th Best Oralists
2001 Semifinalists (2 teams)1999 Semifinalists1997 Semifinalists
1996 Finalists | Best Brief

National Juvenile Law Moot Court Competition
1997 Champions | Best Oralist | 2nd Best Oralist

Sutherland Cup Moot Court Competition
1996 Champions | Best Oralist

Billings, Exum, and Frye National Moot Court Competition
2015 Semifinalists | Best Oralist | Best Petitioner Brief
2014 Semifinalists | Best Brief
2013 Quarterfinalists | 2nd Best Respondent Brief
2012 Quarterfinalists | Best Oralist
2011 2nd Place | Quarterfinalists | Best Brief

Regent University National Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition
2002 3rd Place | Best Oralist

Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition, East Region
1999 Runner-Up | Best Oralist | 5th Best Brief

National Entertainment & Communications Law Competition
1999 Runner-Up | Best Oralist | 5th Best Brief
ABA Negotiation Competition
2012 National Finalists | 2nd & 5th Place
2012 Regional Champions
2011 Regional Finalists | Top Four (2 Teams)
2010 National Semifinalist
2010 Regional Finalist
2009 National 7th Place | Regional 2nd Place
2007 National Champions
2006 Regional 2nd Place
2004 Regional 2nd Place
2003 Regional 2nd Place
2002 Regional Champions
2001 Regional Champions
2000 Regional 2nd Place
1999 National Finalists
1999 Regional Champions
1997 Regional Champions
1996 Regional Champions
1995 National Champions
1995 Regional Champions
1994 Regional Champions
1993 Regional Champions

Liberty University Government Contracts Negotiation Competition
2010 Semifinalists

Robert R. Merhige, Sr., National Environmental Law Negotiation Competition
2010 National Finalists
2009 National Champions
2008 National Finalists
2006 National Finalists
2005 National Finalists
2004 National Finalists
2001 National Finalists
2000 National Champions
1999 National Champions
1994 National Champions
1993 National Finalists

NBLSA International Negotiation Competition
2010 National Champions
2008 National Champions
ABA Client Counseling Competition
2008 Regional Semifinalists
2003 Regional Semifinalists
2000 Regional Champions

ABA Representation in Mediation Competition
2010 Regional 2nd & 3rd Place
2009 Regional 2nd Place
2008 Regional 2nd Place
2003 Regional Champions

VA Mediation Network Mediation Competition
2009 2nd Place
National Trial Competition
2001 Regional Semifinalists
2000 Regional Finalists

Stetson National Pre-trial Advocacy Competition
2010 2nd Best Brief
2009 Champions | Best Brief | Best Oralist
2008 Best Brief

Capitol City Challenge Trial Competition
2010 Semifinalists

Texas Young Lawyers Association National Trial Competition
2015 Regional Semifinalists
2011 Regional Quarterfinalists
2010 Regional Champions
2000 Regional Semifinalists

ABA Labor and Employment Law Competition
2010 Semifinalists
2005 Champions