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Moot courts at Regent University's School of Law prepare students for court proceedings.

Student Bar Association (SBA)

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government at Regent University School of Law. Among the responsibilities granted to the SBA is providing law students with representative leadership to the law school and the university. The SBA also has a strong history of providing social and ministry occasions for the entire community.

Studying law is a unique privilege and the SBA seeks to provide students with the best law school experience attainable. Student governance is granted to the Student Senate by the Student Bar Association Constitution.


Student Bar Association
Regent University School of Law
1000 Regent University Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

SBA’s biggest event of the year, the Barrister’s Ball, is a formal event held at an exciting new location each year. Law schools across the country plan this annual event to bring the law schools’ students together for an enjoyable evening. The theme changes with each Barrister’s Ball.

Barrister’s Ball 2022: Gardens of Versailles

  • Date: March 26, 2022
  • Time: 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: The Gardens at Founders Inn & Spa
  • Attire: Black Tie (Optional)

Ticketing Schedule

Class of 2022February 28 to March 1
Faculty & StaffFebruary 28 to March 1
Class of 2023March 2 to March 3
Class of 2024March 4 to March 5
Classes of 2021 & 2020March 6 to March 7
Sales Re-Open For AllMarch 8 to March 11

Ticket Purchasing

Ticket purchasing is now closed. If you have any questions, please contact Ben Heath.

Bethany Brock, 3L, President (Littleton, Colorado)
“My favorite aspect of Regent Law is the rich community. I joined SBA to ensure that this community continues to flourish so that Regent Law can fulfill its mission of Christian leadership to change the world. I am passionate about all of SBA’s initiatives, especially those that promote community and friendship.”

Corrie Evans, 2L, Vice-President (Richmond, Virginia)
“It’s been my distinct honor to serve in the Senate for two terms and take part in events like the Christmas Party, Mentorship Events, and Barristers Ball. SBA is a unique organization that fosters community within the law school and serves as an advocate for student concerns. Serving the students in this capacity is such a joy and privilege. I look forward to a great Barristers Ball this year and supporting our team of Senators as they further their individual initiatives and goals!”

Mark Barham, 3L, Executive Secretary (Powhatan, Virginia)
“I decided to join the SBA in my last year of law school to make sure the SBA actually addresses student concerns. As a representative body of the law school student community, it is our duty to address their concerns.”

Wesley Jones, 2L, Executive Treasurer (Alpharetta, Georgia)
“There’s just something matchless about Regent Law. Unlike other schools, the faculty and other students are for you, not against you. I joined SBA so that I could add to the encouragement as a student leader and help facilitate events that allow students to put down the books and enjoy one another. Law school is consuming; somebody’s needs shake us back to the real world”

Joshua Brantley, 3L Class Representative (Nashville, North Carolina)
“I hope to bring the 1L, 2L, and 3Ls closer together by having different events to bring the different levels of the student body together.”

Domonique Black, 3L Representative (Atlanta, Georgia)
“I joined SBA because I saw it as an opportunity to improve and give back to the Regent Law community.  SBA is an organization designed with Servant Leadership as the very foundation, and I strive to embody that principle and be an example in my role as a representative.”

Jenitza Castro, 3L Class Representative (Carolina, Puerto Rico)
“My favorite aspect of SBA is its representation of the student’s interest to the administration and faculty committees of the Law School. I am passionate about SBA’s initiative to provide the student community with relevant social and academic events that positively enhance their Law School experience.”

Katie Malenowsky, 3L Representative (Billings, Montana)
“I joined SBA to improve my leadership skills, as well as I was encouraged by fellow law students to run as an SBA representative for the 3L class.  I am  I am super excited to participate and contribute to events on campus put on by SBA.”

Molly Banas, 2L Class Representative (Dallas, Texas)
“My favorite aspect of SBA is the mentorship program and developing a thriving culture at Regent Law that supercedes each individual class.”

Jason Montgomery, 2L Class Representative (Norfolk, VA)
My goal is to see students better connected with the school. This is accomplished by events such as the Student Organization Fair. In addition, I want to be available for any questions or concerns that students may have. I truly view myself as a representative not just of the 2L class, but of the student body in general.

Falon Stimpson, 2L Class Representative (Fredericksburg, Virginia)
“I decided to join SBA because I wanted to make a difference at Regent through being a leader for my peers and being able to listen to their requests and concerns to help Regent accommodate more needs and be even a happier place than it already is. I love our teamwork in SBA and how we are able to organize so many different events for the three classes. I also love that we are representatives for our individual classes; that we can help achieve the goals that our classmates request we look into, whether we check on making that change or work toward a plan for making that change and actually achieving it. I am passionate about getting the law library refrigerator.”

Will Thew, 2L Class Representative (Peru, New York)
“I wanted to get leadership experience and be involved the student body and like the fact that everyone gets a voice and there is a discussion on issues rather than a rubber stamp process. The SBA initiative I am passionate about is the revision of the Constitution and Bylaws.”

Corrie Faith Lee, 1L Class Representative (Richmond, Virginia)
“I joined SBA to be a megaphone for students’ voices and to serve their best interests!”

Courtney Hitchcock, 1L Class Representative (Smithfield, Pennsylvania)
“I joined SBA because I love the community at Regent and wanted to be more deeply involved, getting to know others in the law program. My favorite part of SBA is how it brings all Regent Law students together.”

J. Adam Murray, 1L Class Representative (Durham, North Carolina)
“I went to school in Utah, bummed around Los Angeles off and on for a couple of years, spent too much time in Busan, South Korea and did everything in my power to not go to law school. After my amazing wife was hired as a genetic counselor at CHKD in Norfolk, I discovered Regent University School of Law. On SBA, I look forward to serving my fellow students by throwing killer parties and wearing awesome outfits.”

Regina Williams, 1L Class Representative (Emporia, Virginia)
“I decided to join SBA because I wanted to be a spokesperson for my class in my role as class representative. I also found it as opportunity to get to know my classmates and connect with them through the social and ministry occasions that SBA provides. Being a class representative, will also help me gain leadership and communication skills which will be very useful when I become a practicing attorney.”

Presiding Officer
Amanda Muncy

Associate Presiding Officer
Denisa Muhametaj

3L Members

  • Samantha Graham
  • Audrey Lynn
  • Sharla Mylar
  • Bryan Peeples
  • Victoria Rice
  • Rachel Rojeski
  • Jonathan Zachary

2L Members

  • Clare Balwajder
  • Ashli Carroll
  • Jordan Heath
  • Ashley Hughes
  • Leata Laidlow
  • Sarah Nelson
  • Justin Pipes