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Services for Employers

An Invitation to Recruit at Regent Law

Regent University School of Law cordially invites you to participate in our on-campus interview and resume collection program. We assist employers who want to identify law clerks, select summer associates, and fill full-time attorney positions through the following programs:

On-Campus Interviewing

You may interview candidates on our Virginia Beach campus. We will coordinate the interview schedule and tailor the interview program to fit your individual needs. Simply fill out the Employer Information Form and select “On-Campus Interviews” under “Services”.

Resume Collection Service

If you are unable to visit our campus but would like to receive resumes from our students, you may participate in our resume collection program.  Simply fill out the Employer Information Form and select “Resume Book ” under “Services”.

Posting Jobs

You may post job openings directly on PathFinder. Job postings are always available and readily accessible by our 3,000+ alumni and 500 law students.

For more information about recruiting at Regent Law, contact:

Regent University School of Law
Office of Career & Alumni Services, RH 247
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464
Phone: 757.352.4915
Fax: 757.352.4338

Grading Criteria

Regent Law calculates cumulative grade-point averages and class ranks for all students. The mean grade is a “B” in the grading system. In addition to a student’s academic record, we urge you to give serious consideration to a student’s total profile including factors such as prior work or military experience, extra-curricular activities, undergraduate performance, personality, specific substantive or geographic interests, and faculty recommendations.

Completed course work will be assigned a letter grade which carries quality points according to the following scale:

A+4.00D1.00 Poor
A4.00 SuperiorD-0.67
A- 3.67F0.00 Failing
B+3.33WF0.00 Withdrew Failing
B3.00 GoodFX00.00 Failure to make up an incomplete
B-2.67NPNo Pass (used for Pass / Fail courses only)
C+2.33PPass (used for Pass/Fail courses only)
C2.00 SatisfactoryIIncomplete
C-1.67IPIn Progress
D+1.33AUAudit (no credit) (used for audit courses only)

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total number of hours attempted.  Repeated courses are treated differently.

Sampling of Alumni Employment

Our students have opportunities to participate in a number of law school extracurricular activities. From student governance to moot court competitions, student involvement in law school organizations adds an extra dimension to the academic experience by providing professional growth, personal enrichment, and community development.

Student organizations

Visit our full listing of student organizations by clicking here.

Student Publications

The Regent University Law Review is a law student publication that approaches legal issues from a Christian worldview with high standards of excellence. The Law Review provides logically sound, philosophically cogent positions on current and pressing legal concerns that are relevant to the legal community.

Founded in 2014, Regent Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy is a Christian academic journal dedicated to scholarly publications on all issues affecting global justice both in domestic and international law. The Journal features articles, notes, case comments, and reviews submitted by prominent scholars, practitioners, and students. In constant pursuit of superior content, the Journal actively solicits manuscripts, both secular and religious, which focus on international law.

Law School Student Government Organizations

Law school student government organizations allow students to serve fellow classmates while fostering leadership skills and encouraging community development. These organizations also offer an excellent pathway for professional development in law school. In addition to the skills students learn in the classroom, student involvement in law school organizations is a key component of the academic experience.

Regent Law Student Body

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the law school student government organization tasked with governing the Regent University School of Law. It provides representative leadership to the university and features occasions for social outings and ministry opportunities.

Graduate Student Body

Council of Graduate Students (COGS) is the governing student council for graduate students at Regent University. COGs encourages an excellent learning environment and fosters ideas between the student body and administration. COGS also encourages community development and student involvement in law school by sponsoring chapel services, intramural sports, the annual Christmas Ball, and other events

Regent University School of Law firmly expects that employers will observe the principles of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity with respect to classifications protected by law, in regard to hiring, promotion, retention and conditions of employment.