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A student in the Regent library, which is frequented by law school students.

Bar Prep and Results

Regent University School of Law ranked 21st in the nation for Ultimate Bar Passage in 2023. It also had the highest overall bar passage rate among all eight Virginia law schools in both July 2017 and February 2018. Learn about bar prep at the law school.

1L Year

  • Core common law classes tested on every bar exam.
  • Regent Law students must take 5 or 6 credits (depending on the class) of Property, Torts, Contracts, and Civil Procedure. This is 1-2 credits more than most law schools but ensures that our students are well-prepared for the bar exam and that there is sufficient time to integrate biblical principles.

2L and 3L Year

  • Core upper-level required classes tested on bar exams across the nation (E.g., Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Evidence, Business Structures and Agency, UCC 2, Professional Responsibility)
  • Electives: Choose those classes that correlate with your bar exam (Family Law, Will, Trusts and Estates, Secured Transactions).
  • Bar Prep Classes: Up to 5 credits.
    • Two credits focus on reviewing 1L classes and drafting essays.
    • Two credits focus on preparing for the MBE (200 multiple choice questions; same on every bar exam). Students will take a simulated MBE test to get a real feel for the bar exam.
    • One credit focuses on the Multi-State Performance Test (MPT). This part of the bar tests on practical skills like drafting memos. Our students routinely report that they are extremely well prepared for the bar and this part in particular compared to students from other schools.

Regent Law’s Relationship with THEMIS

Themis is the nation’s leading bar prep company, and Regent Law is pleased to partner with them. Starting with the first year of law school through graduation, our students have access to study aids—outlines, lectures, and practice problems—covering almost every subject tested on the bar exam.

Additional benefits include:

  • Discounted fee for bar prep class.
  • Bar prep class is paid throughout law school as a fee each semester and can be covered with student loans. This semester fee is in lieu of making a one-time payment of $3,000 or more at the end of law school.

Professor Support

All professors are assigned to serve as a mentor for students during bar preparation, and provide invaluable prayer support, encouragement, and advice.

Bar Results

  • 100% first-time passage rate on the Uniform Bar Exam, Class of 2020
  • 100% first-time bar passage rate in 14 states, Class of 2020
  • 88% first-time bar passage rate on July and September VA Bar Exams, Class of 2020
  • 100% first-time passage rate for Honors, Class of 2020
  • 20th in the Nation, Ultimate Bar Passage (97%), 2019
  • Highest Overall Bar Passage Rate in the State of Virginia, February 2018
  • 100% Bar Passage Rate, Honors Class of 2017
  • 100% Bar Passage Rate in 11 States, Class of 2017
  • 95% Overall Bar Passage Rate (#1 Among Virginia Law Schools), Virginia Bar Exam, July 2017
  • 86% Bar Passage Rate Nationwide, Class of 2017
  • 100% Bar Passage Rate on the Uniform Bar Exam, accepted in 26 states, Class of 2018

Success Story

Sam Kane, Regent Law school alumnus.

My Regent professors made sure I learned all that I needed to know to pass the bar exam. My final exams were often styled after the bar exam, past bar exam questions were integrated into lessons, and the teachers always took personal time to answer any questions I had.

— Sam Kane, J.D., Class of 2019, Law Clerk, Superior Court, Kotzebue, Alaska