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Professor Choi Presented Research Results with his Students at the MTMI 2017 International Conference

MTMI 2017

Professor Young Choi of the Department of Engineering & Computer Science, College of Arts & Sciences presented research results with his students at the MTMI (Modern Technology and Management Institute, Inc.) 2017 International Conference  held at a Resort Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia during September 22-23, 2017.

Ms. Deidre McClellan presented her research work under the advice of Prof. Choi regarding the topic of “How Has the Need for Cybersecurity Changed with Increased Use of Smartphones?”

Deidre said “As a student, attending the MTMI conference was a valuable experience!  I was able to network with professionals and professors in the field of technology and related areas.  I had the opportunity to hear about latest research topics that other students were working on.  There were even subjects that I found myself interested in delving into further.  This event provided me with a chance to strengthen my presentation skills in a hands-on learning environment outside of the classroom.  Thank you Dr. Choi!”

The conference provides a chance for the professors and students to discuss recent progress in the areas of technology and management.  The conference featured technical paper presentations, an invited talk, and panel discussions.
Professor John Adam of the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Old Dominion University presented about the topic of “Patterns in Nature: A Treasure Trove for the Curious.”

The following three papers of Professor Choi’s research work with his students were accepted and presented:

  • “Big Data Problems and Possible Solutions,” Young B. Choi, Augustina Hunter, Alaina Thomas
  • “How Has the Need for Cybersecurity Changed with Increased Use of Smartphones?,” Deidre McClellan, Young B. Choi
  • “The Future of Digital Forensics,” Young B. Choi, Ronald Stamm.

Overall 30 papers were presented in the following five sessions:  1.  Selected Topics in Business; 2. Competitive Strategies; 3. Technology Issues; 4. Contemporary Business Issues; 5. Competitive Strategies for Success.

MTMI 2018 will be held in Virginia Beach, Virginia next year.

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