JD Enrollment Agreement

Congratulations on your acceptance to Regent University School of Law!

To reserve your seat in the entering class, you must submit the non-refundable seat deposit using one of the payment options below. The seat deposit will be applied toward your tuition and fees for the first semester of your enrollment.

If you will not enroll in the School of Law, please complete this form so that the Admissions Committee may offer your seat to another candidate.


Contact Info
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  I will not enroll in the School of Law for the following reason(s):
       I plan to enroll at:
  Term   Fall  Spring  June (Two-year Program only)
  Year   20
  Status   Full-time Student ($500)
Part-time Student ($500)
Joint-degree Student ($500) - I will begin in
Non-Degree Student ($500) 
Transfer Student ($500)
Visiting Student ($500)
On-Campus International Student ($500)
On-Campus International Student and Alumnus of
      Handong International Law School ($500)
  By July 1, admitted students must provide official, final transcripts (including degree-conferred status) from each post-secondary institution attended. This ABA requirement is in addition to transcripts previously provided to Law Services. Students who have already started a joint degree program at Regent should submit spring transcripts to Law Admissions evidencing a spring cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

The following official transcripts from post-secondary institutions have been requested:
     School Name #1 and Date Requested:
     School Name #2 and Date Requested:
     School Name #3 and Date Requested:
     School Name #4 and Date Requested:
     School Name #5 and Date Requested:
     School Name #6 and Date Requested:
   I understand the seat deposit is non-refundable.