Faculty Profiles

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John Ashcroft Distinguished Professor, Law and Government
James M. Boland Associate Professor; Director, Legal Analysis, Research & Writing Program
Jeffrey A. Brauch Dean; Professor
Eleanor Brown Associate Professor
Bruce N. Cameron Reed Larson Professor of Labor Law
Kenneth Ching Assistant Professor
Margaret L. Christiansen Director, Law Library
Douglas H. Cook Professor; Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Student Services
James A. Davids Associate Professor; Director, LL.M. and M.A. Programs
Eric DeGroff Professor
James J. Duane Professor
Tessa Dysart Assistant Professor
Thomas C. Folsom Professor
L. O. Natt Gantt, II Professor; Director, Academic Success and Advising; Co-Director, Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform
Louis W. Hensler, III Professor
Michael V. Hernandez Professor; Director, Honors Program
Bradley P. Jacob Associate Professor
Janis L. Kirkland Assistant Director, Legal Analysis, Research & Writing Program
Lynne Marie Kohm Professor and John Brown McCarty Professor of Family Law
Benjamin V. Madison, III Professor; Co-Director, Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform
Kathleen A. McKee Associate Professor; Director, Civil Practice Clinic
James E. Murphy Associate Dean of Administration
C. Scott Pryor Professor
Dr. Jay Sekulow Distinguished Professor
Judge Robert M. M. Seto Professor Emeritus
Randy Singer Attorney-in-Residence
Craig A. Stern Professor
Kimberly R. Van Essendelft Instructor, Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
Hon. Patricia L. West Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean
Gloria Whittico Assistant Professor; Associate Director, Academic Success