Faculty Profiles

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John Ashcroft Distinguished Professor, Law and Government
James M. Boland Associate Professor; Director, Legal Analysis, Research & Writing Program
Jeffrey A. Brauch Dean; Professor
Eleanor Brown Associate Professor
Bruce N. Cameron Reed Larson Professor of Labor Law
Kenneth Ching Assistant Professor
Margaret L. Christiansen Director, Law Library
Douglas H. Cook Professor
James A. Davids Associate Professor; Director, LL.M. and M.A. Programs
Eric DeGroff Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
James J. Duane Professor
Tessa Dysart Assistant Professor
Thomas C. Folsom Professor
L. O. Natt Gantt, II Professor; Director, Academic Success and Advising; Co-Director, Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform
Louis W. Hensler, III Professor
Michael V. Hernandez Professor; Director, Honors Program
Bradley P. Jacob Associate Professor
Janis L. Kirkland Assistant Director, Legal Analysis, Research & Writing Program
Lynne Marie Kohm Professor and John Brown McCarty Professor of Family Law
Benjamin V. Madison, III Professor; Co-Director, Center for Ethical Formation and Legal Education Reform
Kathleen A. McKee Associate Professor; Director, Civil Practice Clinic
James E. Murphy Associate Dean for Student Services & Law School Administration
C. Scott Pryor Professor
Dr. Jay Sekulow Distinguished Professor
Judge Robert M. M. Seto Professor Emeritus
Randy Singer Attorney-in-Residence
Craig A. Stern Professor
Kimberly R. Van Essendelft Instructor, Legal Analysis, Research & Writing
Hon. Patricia L. West Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean
Gloria Whittico Assistant Professor; Associate Director, Academic Success