Student Satisfaction

Student Satisfaction Rates 2016

Regent University School of Law’s third-year law students indicate high levels of satisfaction with their educational experience compared to many of their peers nationwide. In the LSSSE*, students rated Regent Law very well in several key areas:

% Satisfied or very satisfied with:
Regent University National (2014)
Academic advising & planning 91% 59%
Career counseling 88% 49.1%
Personal counseling 69% 34.3%
Job search help 83% 41.2%
 % Of 3Ls who say the law school environment “quite a bit” or “very much”:
Regent University National (2014)
Provides the support needed to succeed academically 95% 79.3%
Provides the support needed to succeed in your employment search 66% 38.1%
 % Of 3Ls who “quite a bit” or “very much” say that because of their law school experience:
Regent University National (2014)
They acquired job or work-related knowledge and skills 88% 63.2%
They think critically and analytically 98% 78.1%
They developed a personal code of values & ethics 93% 54.3%
 % Of 3Ls who evaluate their entire educational experience as:
Regent University National
“Excellent” 64% 37%
“Good” or “excellent” 95% 83%


* The Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE) is an independent nationwide survey which assesses whether a law school’s programs are having the desired effect on students’ activities, experiences, and outcomes. Learn more about the LSSSE.


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