In the Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE), Regent University's School of Law students rated the school very well in key areas such as academic advising and career counselling.

Student Satisfaction

Student Satisfaction Rates 2016

Regent University School of Law’s third-year law students indicate high levels of satisfaction with their educational experience compared to many of their peers nationwide. In the LSSSE*, students rated Regent Law very well in several key areas:

% Satisfied or very satisfied with:
Regent University National (2014)
Academic advising & planning 91% 59%
Career counseling 88% 49.1%
Personal counseling 69% 34.3%
Job search help 83% 41.2%
 % Of 3Ls who say the law school environment “quite a bit” or “very much”:
Regent University National (2014)
Provides the support needed to succeed academically 95% 79.3%
Provides the support needed to succeed in your employment search 66% 38.1%
 % Of 3Ls who “quite a bit” or “very much” say that because of their law school experience:
Regent University National (2014)
They acquired job or work-related knowledge and skills 88% 63.2%
They think critically and analytically 98% 78.1%
They developed a personal code of values & ethics 93% 54.3%
 % Of 3Ls who evaluate their entire educational experience as:
Regent University National
“Excellent” 64% 37%
“Good” or “excellent” 95% 83%


* The Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE) is an independent nationwide survey which assesses whether a law school’s programs are having the desired effect on students’ activities, experiences, and outcomes. Learn more about the LSSSE.


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