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Adult & Continuing Education

Make Continuing Education a Priority

If you have always wanted to earn a bachelor's degree and considered continuing education, then adult education program at Regent University offers you a simplified application process, a convenient online program to accommodate your busy schedule and a fast-track to earning your diploma!

We realize that adult students return to school with a variety of past high school or college learning experiences. We have found that previous academic performance is not always a measure of your current potential; in fact, since most of our adult students now place greater value on their education, they typically adjust very quickly to the academic environment and not only enjoy the learning process, but are more likely to succeed as a result.

Adult Education Courses

Complete your degree at Regent and you'll find:

  • Short 8-week class sessions (two per semester)
  • Convenient, 100% online degree programs
  • A wide range of financial aid resources
  • Academic resources to help you succeed
  • A streamlined application process
  • SAT/ACT exam waived for students over 22
  • Easy and convenient online class registration
  • An academic counselor assigned specifically to you
  • And best of all, adult education courses with an integrated Christian worldview
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Adult / Continuing Education Student, Mandyt
Mandy Rogers, Continuing Education Student at Regent University