What Is It Like to Get An Online Degree?

You may be wondering, “What is an online degree like?” or “Should I get an online degree?” Through Regent Online, you'll receive instruction from the same prestigious professors who teach at our campus. Similar to an on-campus degree program, you have a set course list for each semester, class assignments and supportive professors—all with the flexibility to earn your degree while balancing a busy schedule.


Online students participate in each course with an average of 17 other classmates. A faculty member, skilled at catering to an online audience, oversees each course and guides you through the learning process.


In our flexible online degree programs, you choose when to access the course and work on assignments throughout each week. Blackboard is the information gateway where you'll log in and find course materials, grades, syllabi and other resources.


Like in a traditional classroom setting, you may have the opportunity to interact with fellow students via chat (instant message). Threaded discussions prompt you to exchange ideas with your classmates and collaborate on group projects.


Professors may offer weekly assessments to help you keep on pace. These could be quizzes, questionnaires or other course-related work.


Homework, exams and other assignments can be directly completed online through Blackboard. If you have questions, professors are easily accessible by email, Blackboard or phone.


You should expect the same amount of study and participation time for each online course that you would for a traditional one. Though there are scheduled deadlines, you get to decide when and where throughout the week you'll access materials and complete assignments.


As a Regent student, you're connected to an entire community of online learners pursuing degrees from a range of backgrounds and experiences. This adds richness to the learning environment. Additionally, when you receive your degree, you'll join the ranks of almost 20,000 Regent alumni.


Watch student interviews and get a firsthand look at what it’s like to get an online degree.


View a brief introduction and then login to Blackboard to explore a course for yourself.

Login to Blackboard with username "testdrive" and password "testdrive" to explore a course for yourself.