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The clinical opportunities offered by the Regent University School of Law helps students to get lawyer clinical experience.

Clinical Opportunities

Gain Lawyer Experience Before You Graduate

Regent Law offers three clinical opportunities — the Civil Practice Clinic, practicums, and a third-year practice certificate — that allow students to obtain lawyer clinical experience in authentic legal environments and develop fundamental skills that will help them fulfill their legal callings with excellence.

Through the Civil Practice Clinic, students partner with the local Legal Aid office and serve low-income clients in the Hampton Roads area, helping to improve their quality of life by advocating for issues such as the reinstatement of unemployment and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.

Practicums equip students with hands-on training in bankruptcy law, civil practice, child advocacy, and immigration law. Students can also obtain a third-year practice certificate, which allows them to gain on-the-job experience while practicing law in Virginia under the supervision of a practicing attorney.

Third-Year Practice Opportunities

third-year practice certificate provides professional development opportunities as students appear in court and before administrative tribunals in the Commonwealth of Virginia. With the certificate, students are able to better capitalize on their internships, externships, and part-time legal jobs.