Academic Success Program

We are thoroughly committed to students' success. Since 1995, Regent Law has conducted an Academic Success Program (ASP), which is designed to help students achieve academic success in law school. The program's three components are:

  • Summer Program: The Summer Program is an extended academic orientation for entering students consisting of a two-week class prior to the standard academic orientation. The program is designed to provide select students with an intensive experience to develop their critical reading, analytical, study, and test-taking skills in a setting that facilitates their transition into law school. The Admissions Committee selects admitted students to participate in the Summer Program if those students possess a strong likelihood of success in law school, but due to their LSAT scores, undergraduate GPA's, or other factors, would benefit from an extended orientation. (Click here to read more about the Summer Program.)
  • Study Skills Workshops: Designed to supplement the Summer Program and academic orientation material, workshops held during the school year address topics such as techniques for briefing cases, outlining courses, solving legal problems, and preparing for and taking law school examinations.

Academic Success Faculty Director:

Gloria Whittico, Associate Professor, Director of Academic Success