Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Career & Alumni

Some of our graduates earn their Ph.D. in order to teach. Others are involved in broadcast, print or strategic communication journalism. Others work in the television or film arenas or in theatre companies throughout the nation. Our alumni hold a variety of positions in such organizations as:

ABC Family
American Movie Classics Cable Network
Baylor University
Cable News Network (CNN)
Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)
Cox Communications
Department of Homeland Security
Duke University Medical Center
ESPN, Inc.
Focus on the Family Magazine
FOX News
Georgetown University
Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)
Liberty University
Microsoft Network/National Broadcasting Company (MSNBC)
Norfolk State University
Paramount Pictures
Pepperdine University
Sony Corporation
STRANG Communications
The Inspiration Network (INSP)
Turner Broadcasting System (TBS)
Universal Studios
University of Virginia
World Reach

There are ample opportunities to grow in your speaking, writing and leadership skills. Regent University hosts continual seminars and training sessions (free of charge) to all students through our Center for Student Development.

Yes. Our school has a staff person dedicated to helping students find internships and in connecting outside industries with current or graduating students. We will also be happy to assist you with your résumé, interviewing skills or putting together a portfolio of your professional accomplishments.

It is our belief that experience is one of the most effective teaching methods, and you will quickly discover that our curriculum isn't based on theory alone. As a student, you will have numerous hands-on learning opportunities available to you. The Film & Television department produces over 100 student films and projects each year. The Theatre Arts Department produces a six-show mainstage season and a two- to four-show secondstage season annually. The Strategic Communication & Journalism regularly participates and leads compelling research initiatives in the field of communication.

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