School of Law Degrees

Regent University offers a rigorous legal curriculum that includes the Juris Doctor, approved by the American Bar Association (ABA), the M.A. in Law and the LL.M. Whether you choose to pursue a master’s degree in law or earn your Juris Doctor, Regent helps you carefully explore the foundations of the law, to better equip you to serve clients with excellence, humility and integrity. You will receive a Christian education that integrates academic excellence with biblical faith and values. Explore our programs below.


The Juris Doctor (JD) degree is academically excellent and competitive with law schools nationwide. With an internationally recognized faculty (Top 10 Law Faculty 3 years in a row*) and robust advocacy skills training program (Top 5 Moot Court Program nationally*), you will gain basic knowledge of the law in key areas, and be well prepared for licensing in any jurisdiction across the country (Top 17% of law schools with graduates whose bar pass rates outperformed their incoming LSAT scores*). Regent Law students are uniquely equipped to practice law with honesty, integrity and Christian values.


JD – Honors Program

JD – Part-Time

JD – Two-Year Accelerated Program


*Top 10 Law Faculty – The Princeton Review, 2013, 2014 & 2015; Top 5 Moot Court Program nationally – Report of University of Houston Law, 2016; Top 17% of law schools with graduates whose bar pass rates outperformed their incoming LSAT scores – The National Jurist.



30 credit hours | On Campus or Online

The Master of Arts in Law is designed for working students who wish to study law for professional advancement and for those seeking a practical academic credential to increase their marketability as they launch their career. You will be grounded in foundational legal contexts, taught through a Christian worldview, so you can better understand the laws that affect your career.

M.A. in Law — Administrative & Regulatory Law

M.A. in Law — Business 

M.A. in Law — Criminal Justice

M.A. in Law — General Legal Studies

M.A. in Law — Human Resources Management

M.A. in Law — Human Rights

M.A. in Law — Mediation

M.A. in Law — National Security

M.A. in Law — Non-Profit Management

M.A. in Law — Wealth Management & Financial Planning


24 credit hours | Online or On Campus

The Master of Laws with a concentration in American Legal Studies, offered online and on campus, is designed for graduates of accredited institutions outside the United States who have already earned a JD-equivalent law degree and want to pursue studies in American law. With this challenging degree, you will be able to learn the influences of law, policy and government around the globe, meeting the significant demand by international lawyers for training in American law.

LL.M. in American Legal Studies

24 credit hours | On Campus

The Master of Laws with a concentration in Human Rights, offered exclusively on campus, provides an advanced understanding of international, regional and domestic human rights protection from a biblical perspective. Through rigorous coursework, you will learn the origins and legal and philosophical basis for the modern international human rights movement. This human rights degree is ideal for students with a passion for change, who want to combine their legal education and Christian values to make a lasting difference.

LL.M. in Human Rights