Michael V. Hernandez, JD


Professor; Director, Honors Program

Message From The Dean

There was a time when lawyers were known as counselors-at-law. They were trained not just for a job, but also for a higher service. At Regent University School of Law that time still exists. To produce more lawyers today is not enough. Our society needs a different kind of lawyer, one called to something higher, something greater. Regent Law exists to equip men and women who choose to respond to that call. We desire to train counselors-at-law who will practice with integrity as trusted advisors and community leaders. What makes us different from most law schools approved by the ABA is that we thoroughly integrate a Christian perspective into the classroom. We are committed to the proposition that there are truths — eternal principles of justice — informing the way we should practice law and about the law itself.

Michael V. Hernandez, JD


Professor; Director, Honors Program

Regent Law students receive a rigorous legal education from an internationally acclaimed faculty that is deeply committed to students’ academic and spiritual success. Our faculty is composed of 25 full-time faculty members and about 30 part-time and adjunct faculty members.

Regent’s law faculty has an average of 12 years of full-time practice experience behind them, substantially more than that of recently hired faculty at ABA-approved law schools nationwide.

Academic Excellence
Our faculty includes distinguished professors, such as former Attorney General John Ashcroft and American Center for Law and Justice Chief Counsel Dr. Jay Sekulow.

Our faculty members attended many of the nation’s finest schools, including Harvard, Yale, Duke, The University of Chicago, University of Virginia, and others.

Scholarly Engagement
As excellent legal scholars, practitioners, and professors, our faculty publish in legal journals, perform pro bono work, and address issues of social justice. They are also active in the emerging sphere of international law.

Commitment to Student Success
For all their legal expertise and experience, however, what truly makes our faculty so loved by our students is their accessibility, engaging pedagogy, and commitment to serving the student body.

Mindful of their duty to serve others, Regent Law professors balance the exacting discipline of a legal education with a friendly and supportive commitment to their students’ success.

Law Is More Than A Profession…
When students leave Regent Law, they possess a foundation in legal learning and skills that will support them throughout their careers.

They also remember an essential lesson taught by every Regent Law professor: “Law is more than a profession, it’s a calling.” And that makes all the difference to them and those they serve.

Meet Our Faculty

John Ashcroft, JD

Distinguished Professor of Law and Government

James M. Boland, JD

Associate Professor

Director, Legal Analysis, Research & Writing Program

757.352.4632 jboland@regent.edu
Jeffrey A. Brauch, JD

Executive Director, Center for Global Justice, Human Rights & the Rule of Law


757.352.4040 jbrauch@regent.edu
Bruce N. Cameron, JD

Reed Larson Professor of Labor Law

757.352.4522 bcameron@regent.edu
Tessa Dysart, JD

Assistant Professor

Faculty Advisor to the Moot Court Board

757.352.4964 tdysart@regent.edu
Natt Gantt II, JD

Associate Dean of Instructional & Curricular Affairs

Co-Director, Center for Ethical Formation & Legal Education Reform


757.352.4734 nattgan@regent.edu
Harry G. Hutchison, J.D., PGCE

Distinguished Professor

Janis L. Kirkland, JD

Director, M.A. Wealth Management & Financial Planning Concentration

Assistant Director, JD Legal Analysis, Research & Writing Program

Principal Lecturer

757.352.4334 janikir@regent.edu
Lynne Marie Kohm, JD

Associate Dean of Faculty Development & External Affairs

Professor; John Brown McCarty Professor of Family Law

757.352.4335 lynnkoh@regent.edu
Benjamin V. Madison, III, JD

Director, Center for Advocacy

Co-Director, Center for Ethical Formation & Legal Education Reform


757.352.4586 benjmad@regent.edu
Kathleen A. McKee, LL.M.

Director, L.L.M. in American Legal Studies and LL.M. in Human Rights

Director, Civil Practice Clinic

Associate Professor

757.352.4639 kathmck@regent.edu
James E. Murphy, JD

Director, M.A. in Law Program

Manager, Business Affairs


757.352.4724 jamemur@regent.edu
Jay Sekulow, J.D., Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Law

Chief Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice

Randy Singer, JD


Director of the Singer Civil Litigation Practicum

757.352.4554 rsinger@regent.edu
Craig A. Stern, JD

Director, Honors Program


757.352.4080 craiste@regent.edu
Kimberly R. Van Essendelft, JD

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Principal Lecturer

757.352.4689 kimbvan@regent.edu
Ernie Walton, JD

Academic & Administrative Director, Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, & the Rule of Law


757.352.4315 stevwa1@regent.edu
Patricia L. West, JD

Associate Dean of Career & Alumni Services

Distinguished Professor

757.352.4040 pwest@regent.edu
Gloria Whittico, JD

Director, Academic Success Program

Associate Professor

757.352.4852 gwhittico@regent.edu


Julie Anjo
Robert Ash
Kerriel Bailey
Tracy Banks
George Bruch
Gary Bryant
Justin Bush
George Buxton
Kathryn Byler
James Chapman, Ph.D.
Margaret Christiansen
Rose Coley
Douglas Cook, Ph.D.
Erin DeBoer
David Dennison
David Dildy
Timothy Drewry
Eric Enlow
Shaheryar Gill
Michael Halvorsen
Marie Hamm
Kirstin Hark
Geoffrey Hemphill
Laura Hernandez
Robert Humphreys, Ph.D.
Joshua Jenkins
David Johnson
Christopher Kall
Denham Kelsey
David Lannetti
Hee Eun Lee
Stephen Lentz
Joseph Liberatore
Elizabeth Libertini
William Magee
David McGinley
James Metcalfe, CAPT
Henry Morgan, Judge
Susan Moritz
Anthony Mulford
Gustav Nelson
H. Padrick
Corrynn Peters
Stephen Pfeiffer
Nathaniel Pierce
Wainscott Putney
Carol Rasnic
Mandy Rogers
Fred Ross
Randy Singer
Catherine Six
Tristen Small
Martha Smith
John Stepanovich
Norman Thomas
Farnaz Thompson
Hugo Valverde
David Velloney
Shawn Voyles