Vol. 24, No. 1

The Regent Law Review's Fall 2011 Issue (Vol. 24, No. 1) features three articles, a commemorative address, and four notes. Below is a list of the articles and their authors. To order a copy, please fill out the subscription form.

(All articles and notes are in Description: PDF format.)


As Goes DOMA . . . Defending DOMA and the State Marriage MeasuresJoshua Baker, William C. Duncan

Thomas v. Scalia on the Constitutional Rights of Parents: Privileges and Immunities, or Just "Spinach"?David M. Wagner

A Better Beginning: Why and How to Help Novice Legal Writers Build a Solid Foundation by Shifting Their Focus from Product to ProcessMiriam E. Felsenburg, Laura P. Graham

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Commemoration

Commemorative Address: Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of God's FaithfulnessDean Jeffrey A. Brauch


Culture of the Future: Adapting Copyright Law to Accommodate Fan-Made Derivative Works in the Twenty-First CenturyPatrick McKay

Choosing a Law to Live By Once the King is GoneKathleen A. Keffer

Who Has a Will to Live?: Why State Requirements for Advance Directives Should Be Uniform(ly Revised)Ruth F. Maron

The New Temporal Prime Directive: Ortiz & the Death of Post-trial Appeals from Pre-trial Summary Judgment DenialsPaul S. Morin