Vol. 22, No. 1

The Regent Law Review’s Fall 2009 Issue (Vol. 22, No. 1) features two articles, two essays, one book review, and three notes. Below is a list of the articles and their authors. To order a copy, please fill out the subscription form.


The Legal Implications of Social Networking - Sharon Nelson, John Simek, Jason Foltin PDF

Dying to Testify? Confrontation vs. Declarations in Extremis- Tim Donaldson, J Preston Frederickson   PDF

"Fight Against Fraud" Essay Series

Conduct and Effects: Reassessing the Protection of Foreign Investors from International Securities Fraud - Derek N. White PDF

"Street Justice" for Corporate Fraud—Mandatory Minimums for Major White-Collar Crime - John D. Esterhay PDF

Book Review

Restoring the Lost Virtue of Prudential Justice to the Life Debate - Lynne Marie Kohm PDF


Hold That Line!: The Proper Establishment Clause Analysis for Military Public Prayers - Benjamin D. Eastburn PDF

What's the Cost of Living in Oregon These Days?—A Fresh Look at the Need for Judicial Protections in the Death with Dignity Act -
Andrew R. Page PDF

Kennedy v. Louisiana; Reaffirms the Necessity of Revising the Eighth Amendment's Evolving Standards of Decency Analysis - Bethany Siena PDF