National Security Symposium

The Regent Law Review’s Spring 2009 Issue (Vol. 21, No. 2) is the "National Security Symposium: The Battle Between Congress & the Courts in the Face of an Unprecedented Global Threat" issue. It features two addresses, nine essays, and two student-written notes. Below is a list of the articles and their authors. To order a copy, please fill out the subscription form.

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Keynote Address: Constitutional Bait and Switch - Viet D. Dinh PDF

Luncheon Address: Securing Liberty  - John D. Ashcroft  PDF


The Effect of U.S. Legislative Efforts to Enhance National Security - Admiral Vern Clark PDF

Change Versus Continuity at Obama's CIA - A. John Radsan PDF

Organizational Theory and Counterterrorism Prosecutions: A Preliminary Inquiry - Gregory S. McNeal PDF

Legislation Panel: Discussion and Commentary PDF

Boumediene and Fundamental Principles of Constitutional Power - Jordan J. Paust PDF

Boumediene v. Bush: A Catalyst for Change - Commander Glenn Sulmasy PDF 

A Human Rights Perspective - Elisa Massimino PDF

Powers, Distinctions, and the State in the Twenty-First Century: The New Paradigm of Force in Due Process - Harvey Rishikof PDF

Supreme Court Panel: Discussion & Commentary PDF


Sex, Psychology, and the Religious "Gerrymander": Why the APA's Forthcoming Policy Could Hurt Religious Freedom - Erin K. DeBoer PDF

On the Road to Victory in America's War on Human Trafficking: Landmarks, Landmines, and the Need for Centralized Strategy - Valerie S. Payne PDF