Beasley's Visit with Regent

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Former South Carolina Governor Visits Regent

Gov. Beasley Talking To StudentsFormer Governor of South Carolina, David Beasley was the special guest speaker at chapel on Nov. 9. The event was held at the Robertson Hall Moot Courtroom where Beasley spoke on "Being a Christian in Politics."

Beasley has an honorary degree from Regent University and is co-founder and chairman for the Center for Global Strategy, a group that focuses on developmental initiatives in the non-integrated world. The former governor is a graduate of Clemson University, where he majored in Microbiology. Beasley received his Juris Doctorate from the University of South Carolina and has held other government positions. He has served in the South Carolina House of Representatives; which he ran for at the age of 20, as well as being chairman for the House of Education and Public Works Commission.

During chapel, Beasley told of his experiences before being governor and before being a Christian. He then spoke of his experiences as a Christian in politics. He explained that the problem with politicians is that they will stand for everything except Jesus Christ. "It has nothing to do with being Democrat or Republican," he said.

"It's not a matter of taking on what is right or wrong, but [taking on] what God has called you to do... Be in prayer, seek the face of God, that he would live through you," said Beasley.

Gov. BeasleyRegent Professor, Dr. Joseph Kickasola describes Beasley as, "an activist who puts professionals together and visits them... A man trying to bring development to un-developing countries."

President of the International Law Society, John Balonze, met governor Beasley 5 years ago while he was teaching in China.

"When I heard how he was flying around the world waging peace, I knew the International Law Society had to invite him to Regent," said Balonze.

Beasley's visit to the University was sponsored by the International Law Society of Regent's Law school. Regent's International Law Society seeks to foster a sense of global service and awareness by inviting speakers and international leaders to the university; engaging students in forums, discussions and conferences. International Law Society also provides information on volunteer and job opportunities in international law and business, as well as helping students recognize the global dimension of Regent's mission to train Christian leaders to change the world.