Interview with Gov. Beasley

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How One Man's Leadership is Changing the World
by John Tyler

Gov. David BeasleyOn November 8 and 9, 2006, the International Law Society (ILS) hosted David M. Beasley, former Governor of South Carolina, at Regent University. As Gov. Beasley addressed several crowds on campus, it was hard to tell if he was doing so as a pastor, professor, or politician. His charisma, warm personality, humor, political sagacity and scriptural knowledge kept students entertained, challenged, and encouraged.

In 1994, something incredible happened. South Carolina elected David Beasley to serve as Governor. His four-year term was marked by tax cuts, welfare reform, family-centered education initiatives, and conservative efforts in social politics. In 1998, Gov. Beasley was defeated by a one-issue candidate. It was the gambling industry that poured approximately $30 million into the campaign of Gov. Beasley's opponent. Ultimately, Beasley's integrity led him to take on the controversial video poker issue at a time that would bring him no political benefit.

Gov. David BeasleyIn an interview with the ILS, Gov. Beasley said that, "integrity in politics can hurt or help a public official." He went on to explain that standing for what you believe to be absolutely right is not a formula for worldly success. You cannot expect the world to understand what you are standing for. The world, however, does understand integrity to some degree as well as love and compassion. He said that the way a Christian candidate treats an opponent says a lot about his integrity. Primarily, integrity is examined in the closet by God. Sometimes we have to stand for things that many do not understand.

When addressing the issue of recent referendums on marriage, Gov. Beasley said that though he is happy with the outcome in South Carolina and Virginia, it is sad that such amendments are necessary. While supporting such controversial measures, Christians need to make every effort to show love and compassion.

Love and compassion for all people have remained forefront in Gov. Beasley's life. In 2002, Gov. Beasley led a trip to Tunisia which heightened his vision for economic development. He helped start the Center for Global Strategies (CGS) in 2005. According to Gov. Beasley, the primary purpose for CGS is to "wage peace" in Middle Eastern countries. CGS brings in people with experience in various fields to put on economic change and growth conferences. CGS has internship opportunities available. To learn more, go to or contact

Through his political experiences and involvement with the Center for Global Strategies, Gov. Beasley is an inspiring reminder that God can use someone to engage the culture in one's state, country, and the world.