Gov. Beasley visits Regent

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Former South Carolina Governor Speaks at Regent University
November 8-9, 2006
Gov. David Beasley
Gov. David Beasley

The International Law Society (ILS) hosted former South Carolina Governor David Beasley's visit to Regent University on November 8 - 9, 2006. During the event, Governor Beasley spoke on varying issues of international importance, including "Waging Peace in Muslim-Dominated Nations." Beasley also guest lectured in several classes during his time on campus, speaking to the importance of national issues such as the preservation of marriage and integrity in law and politics.

During University Chapel, the former Governor delivered a message entitled "Being a Christian in Politics" which fit nicely with the Regent motto, "Christian Leadership to Change the World." As many of the members of the Regent University student body have future political aspirations, the Governor's message had significant life applications for many of his listeners.

As a 20 year-old Junior in college, Beasley was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives in 1979 by a narrow 3 vote margin. At the time he was elected to office, Beasley was a member of the Democratic Party and had no interest in Christianity. However, shortly after taking office, Beasley was introduced to gospel of Jesus Christ by a member of a Christian organization he worked with while in office. After hearing the gospel, he began to ask himself spiritually significant questions that would later lead to his accepting Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

After accepting Christ, Beasley's role in politics changes significantly. He stated that from that point on, he allowed his new found faith to serve as a moral compass which changed the way he participated in legislation. In fact, his faith became such an important part of his life, that when he ran for Governor in 1994, Beasley switched to the Republican Party and ran under the campaign slogan "Family First."

Beasley stated that when he lost his bid for re-election in 1999, he looked back at his time in office and asked himself one very important question, "was my time in office God honoring?" The Governor stated that everyone who seeks to serve God through service in politics should ask themselves three key questions which will guide them in serving the Lord through their elected office. First, are you doing the right things? Secondly, are you doing the right things at the right time? And finally, are you doing these things with bitterness and hatred, or with love and compassion?

Immediately following the Chapel service, ILS hosted a luncheon for attendees. The luncheon provided students with an opportunity to speak with the former Governor about various topics, including his current involvement with the Center for Global Strategies.

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