Law School Scholarships & Grants

Use this worksheet to calculate a picture of your financial needs.

The law school awards a variety of scholarships, grants, and endowments, which are listed below. Usually, one best award is made to students who qualify.

All awards are made for the academic year for the Fall and Spring Semesters. Typically, no awards are made for the Summer Semester.

All awards are made before the beginning of the academic year, which usually ends in July. Students who receive awards are notified via email. General and partnership awards are posted to student accounts immediately, and no further requirement is needed. Endowed and named awards may require additional student action, which will be communicated via the notification email.

Endowed awards are provided to the law school as approved by the university on an annual basis. Award amounts, which are determined by the performance of the endowments, vary from year to year. Most endowments entail specific criterion, and the law school will give an award based on academic standing and demonstrated leadership. Endowments are typically awarded to continuing students and are non-renewable.

General law school awards are available to most students who satisfy specific award criterion. Funds are provided via the law school's financial aid budget. Therefore, funding is limited and is typically exhausted by the beginning of the academic year. Most awards renew per the stated criterion.

Named awards entail very specific criterion and may require an essay and/or faculty recommendation. Named awards availability and amounts vary year to year, and recipients are selected by the law school.

Partnership scholarships require prior affiliation with the named ministry, including a letter of recommendation from the current staff member of the ministry chapter in which the student participated.  Awards are typically made as students enter law school and include renewal requirements.

Outside Scholarships are typically available for students affiliated with an organization, company, community, and/or church may be a good resource for financial assistance. View Privately Funded Scholarships and External Private Scholarships.

Regent Law Scholarships & Grants

Regent Law scholarships and grants are only applicable toward the cost of tuition.

  • Only students who have been admitted to Regent Law are considered for law school scholarships and grants. The law school will review each student for aid within two weeks of the letter of admission. An email notification will be sent following the review process.
  • Continuing students will be reviewed following the spring semester. Email notifications will be sent by mid-June if a change in the award is merited.
  • All students should be familiar with the awarding and renewal criteria of the scholarships and grants, as well as the policies and procedures guiding the law school's financial aid program.
  • Academic merit scholarships renew each year based upon a cumulative spring GPA of 2.8 or above.
  • In the event a student does not meet the GPA minimum requirement, rather than the award being completely revoked, the student will receive an adjusted award that equals half of the initial scholarship. Also, if the student meets the minimum cumulative GPA requirement the spring of his or her 2L year, the student may have the full amount reinstated for the student's third year.

University-wide Scholarships and Grants