Volume 8, Issue 2>>

If at First You Don’t Succeed: A Framework for Understanding Follower Compliance in Multiple Influence Attempts
John E. Barbuto, Jr. & Kevin Warneke

An Explorative Study on the Connection Between Ethical Leadership, Prototypicality and Organizational Misbehavior in a Dutch Fire Service
Annette de Wolde, Jelle Groenendaal, Ira Helsloot, & Arjen Schmidt

Supportive Supervisor Communication as a Mediator of the Leader-Member Exchange and Subordinate Performance Relationship
Daniel F. Michael

Mapping the Landscape of Shared Leadership: A Review and Synthesis
John P. Ulhøi & Sabine Müller

Servant leadership and Employee Commitment to a Supervisor
Shane Sokoll

The Emerging Significance of Values Based Leadership: A Literature Review
Mary Kay Copeland

Why the Positional Leadership Perspective Hinders the Ability of Organizations to Deal with Complex and Dynamic Situations
Charles G. Sanders

PRACTITIONER'S CORNER: Fostering Transformative Global Leadership: An Undergraduate Level Approach
Amy Forbes

Volume 8, Issue 1>>

Leadership Activities and Their Impact on Creating Knowledge in Organizations
Kunal Kamal Kumar, Kamal Kishore Jain, & Rajiv Ranjan Tiwary

Psychological Capital: A New Lens for Understanding Employee Fit and Attitudes
Milan D. Larson, Steven M. Norman, Larry W. Hughes, & James B. Avey

Authentic Leadership in Higher Learning Institution: A Case Study of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
Khadijah Adedoyin Opatokun, Che Noraini Hasim, & Sharifah Sariah Syed Hassan

The Importance of a Homogeneous Transformational Leadership Climate for Organizational Performance
Simon B. de Jong & Heike Bruch

Disaster Response Leadership: Perceptions of American Red Cross Workers
Carol McBryde Wheeler, Penny Pennington Weeks, & Diane Montgomery

BOOK REVIEW: The Myth of Leadership (2004) by J.S. Nielsen
Charles G. Sanders

PRACTITIONER'S CORNER The Focus of Leadership Development in MNCS
Holly B. Tompson & George H. (Jody) Tompson

Volume 7, Issue 2>>

Mahatma Gandhi – An Indian Model of Servant Leadership
Annette Barnabas & Paul Sundararajan Clifford

Building Corporate Social Responsibility through Servant Leadership
Matthew Kincaid

How Can Authentic Leaders Create Organizational Identification? An Empirical Study on Turkish Employees
Meltem Çeri-Booms

Women’s Leadership: Using the Competing Values Framework to Evaluate the Interactive Effects of Gender and Personality Traits on Leadership Roles
Alan Belasen & Nancy Frank

The Abbreviated Self–Leadership Questionnaire (ASLQ): A More Concise Measure of Self-Leadership
Jeffery D. Houghton, David Dawley, & Trudy C. DiLiello

Wisdom Development of Leaders: A Constructive Developmental Perspective
John E. Barbuto, Jr. & Michele L. Millard

College Students’ Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: An Examination of Differences by Student Organization Involvement and Formal Leadership Roles
Paige Haber, Scott J. Allen, Tina Facca, & Marcy Levy Shankman

BOOK REVIEW: Mitch McCrimmon's (2006) Burn! 7 Leadership Myths in Ashes
Diane Norbutus

Volume 7, Issue 1>>

Fear Can be Conquered to Allow a Person to Lead
Sharon Whitehall

Motivation and Leader-Member Exchange: Evidence Counter to Similarity Attraction Theory
John E. Barbuto, Jr. & Gregory T. Gifford

Toxic Versus Cooperative Behaviors at Work: The Role of Organizational Culture and Leadership in Creating Community-Centered Organizations
Jacqueline A. Gilbert, Norma Carr-Ruffino, John M. Ivancevich & Robert Konopaske

The Perspective and Practice of Leadership by Managers Within a State Correctional Agency: An Instrumental Case Study
Elizabeth M. Gagnon

Cultivating Intercultural Leaders
Kyung Kyu Kim & Richard L. Starcher

BOOK REVIEW: Henry L. Thompson’s (2010) The Stress Effect
Stuart A. Allen

PRACTITIONER'S CORNER: Moving From Trance to Think: why We Need to Polish
our Critical Thinking Skills

Joan F. Marques

Volume 6, Issue 3>>

Cultural Profile of Russian Leadership
Grigory Ambrozheichik

It's Happiness that Counts: Full Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction on the Linkage from LMX to Turnover Intention in Chinese Companies
Shuhong Wang & Xiang Yi

Exploring Leadership Profiles from Collaborative Computer Gaming
Anna Siewiorek & Erno Lehtinen

A Developmental Approach to Global Leadership
Joana S. P. Story

Emotional Intelligence, Leader-Member Exchange, Organizational Justice, and Outcome Variables: A Conceptual Model
Jahanvash Karim

Sustainable Leadership Development: A Conceptual Model of a Cross-Cultural Blended Learning Program
Linda D. Grooms & Kathaleen Reid-Martinez

The Influence of Personality Factors on Transformation Leadership: Exploring the Moderating Role of Political Skill
Simone T. A. Phipps & Leon C. Prieto

Volume 6, Issue 2>>


Authenticity in Chinese Leadership: A Quantitative Study Comparing Western Notions of Authentic Constructs with Chinese Responses to an Authenticity Instrument
Gordon E. Whitehead & Marley Brown

The Role of Psychological Empowerment and Value Congruence in Mediating the Impact of Transformational Leadership on Follower Commitment in American Churches
Roger J. Givens

Barriers to Developing 'Leadership' in the Sultanate of Oman
Richard K. Common

Market Orientation and Leadership Styles of Managers in Malaysia
Zorah Abu Kassim & Mohamed Sulaiman

Personality Characteristics and Principal Leadership Effectiveness in Ekiti State, Nigeria
W.O. Ibukun, Babatope Kolade Oyewole & Thomas Olabode Abe

Sun Tzu and Command Assessment: A Study on Commander's Courage
David H. Hartley

Leadership Nucleus: A Discourse Analysis of Governance Dynamics in a Texas-based Nonprofit Organization
Andrei C. Duta

Volume 6, Issue 1>>


The Relationships among Servant Leadership, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Person-Organization Fit, and Organizational Identification
Michelle Vondey

Character and Leadership: Situating Servant Leadership in a Proposed Virtues Framework
James D. Lanctot & Justin A. Irving

Gender Differences and Transformational Leadership Behavior: Do Both German Men and Women Lead in the Same Way?
Thomas W. Kent, Carrie A. Blair, Howard F. Rudd & Ulrich Schuele

Leadership and Spiritual Capital: Exploring the Link between Individual Service Disposition and Organizational Value
Anthony Middlebrooks & Alain Noghiu

Faculty and Staff Grassroots Leaders’ Beliefs About Power: Do Their Beliefs Affect Their Strategies and Effectiveness?
Adrianna Kezar

Sensemaking Under Martial Law: Public Policy and Agrarian Reform in the Philippines
Carl Montaño & Lynn Godkin

Leadership Behaviors in the Killeen Independent School District
Gerald R. Simmons, Sr.

Volume 5, Issue 3>>


Volume 5, Issue 2>>


Volume 5, Issue 1>>


Volume 4, Issue 2 >>


Volume 4, Issue 1 >>


Relationship of Emotional Intelligence with Transformational Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Atika Modassir & Tripti Singh

Tejari.com, “The Middle East Online Marketplace,” Under the Leadership of Sheika Lubna Al Qasimi Linzi Kemp

Exploring Leadership Influence Behaviors in the Context of Behavior Settings
Chris Francovich

Profound Simplicity of Leadership Wisdom: Exemplary Insight from Miami Nation Chief Floyd Leonard David A. Cowan

Procedural Justice and Trust: The Link in the Transformational Leadership – Organizational Outcomes Relationship
Oliver E. Ngodo

Response: Comments on Dannhauser and Boshoff’s “Structural Equivalence of the Barbuto and Wheeler Servant Leadership Questionnaire on North American and South African Samples”
John E. Barbuto, Jr., Joana S. Story, & Gregory T. Gifford

Rejoinder: Comments on Barbuto, Story, and Gifford’s “Response”
Zani Dannhauser & A. B. Boshoff

Volume 3, Issue 2 >>



Volume 3, Issue 1 >>


How Networks Impact the Search for a Mentor: An Examination of NCAA Basketball Coaches and Their Protégés
Jeff W. Mott, Emily T. Porschitz, Kimberly E. Sherman, & Charles C. Manz

Understanding the Leadership Role of the Board Chairperson Through a Team Production Approach
Jonas Gabrielsson, Morten Huse, & Alessandro Minichilli

Shared Leadership: A Postheroic Perspective on Leadership as a Collective Construction
Lucia Crevani, Monica Lindgren, & Johann Packendorff

Authentic Leadership: A Self, Leader, and Spiritual Identity Perspective
Karin Klenke

On Impassioned Leadership: A Comparison Between Leaders from Divergent Walks of Life
Joan F. Marques

Practitioner's Corner: In Search of Organizational Transformation
Diane Norbutus

Leadership Reflection: A Devoted Christian's View on Development of Spiritually Formed Leadership
David J. Gyertson

Volume 2, Issue 3 >>


Volume 2, Issue 2 >>


Volume 2, Issue 1 >>



Volume 1, Issue 2 >>


An Integrative Definition of Leadership
Bruce Winston & Kathleen Patterson

Russian Organizational Leadership: Lessons from the Globe Study
Mikhail V. Grachev & Mariya A. Bobina

Catastrophe's Impact on Leaders' Caring and Justice: Changes in Moral Reasoning Orientation
Carl R. Oliver

Creating a Vision for Leadership: The University of Missouri and the University of the Western Cape Partnership
Carole Murphy, Kathleen Sullivan Brown, Harold Herman, & Osman Ozturgut

Volume 1, Issue 1 >>

Developing Leadership Theory in Asia: The Role of Chinese Philosophy
Jose C. Alves, Charles C. Manz, & D. Anthony Butterfield

The Effect of Hispanic Ethnicity on the Leadership Process
Eric J. Romero

A Cross-Cultural Study of Leadership Attitudes in Three Baltic Sea Region Countries
Audra I. Mockaitis

Determinants of Shared Leadership in Management Teams
Michael Shane Wood

The Effects of Supervisors' Trust of Subordinates and their Organization on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment
Kristin Straiter




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